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Childhood Immunizations, DVDs, Early Childhood

Item: 7736IM

Group: DVDs, Early Childhood

Price: $39.95 - $39.95

Opinions about vaccines are easy to find on the internet and it can be confusing to know what to believe. This DVD uses CDC sources and documented studies to explore the truth about vaccines including: The History of Vaccines How Vaccines are Made Are Vaccines Safe? Common Ingredients in ...

Main Curriculum Updates 2015, EWYL, Updates

Item: 7601EWYL-M15

Group: EWYL, Updates

Price: $329.95 - $329.95

As part of this commitment to stay relevant and accurate we asked you, our EWYL users, which lessons you wanted us to update. Out of that survey came the 2015 Main Curriculum Upgrade. The 10 lessons that most needed updated, according to you, are now completely updated and ready to start helping women ...

Childhood Immunizations, Spanish, DVDs, Early Childhood

Item: 7736IM-S

Group: DVDs, Early Childhood

Price: $39.95 - $39.95

Las opiniones son tan fáciles de encontrar en el internet, puede ser algo confuso el saber qué es lo que debe uno creer! Este DVD utiliza fuentes de el Centro de Control de Enfermendades (CDC) así como estudios para seguir explorando las verdades detrás de las vacunas que incluyen: La historia de ...

Refresher Pack 2014/2015 Update DVDs, Coupon

Item: 7604RP

Group: Coupon

Price: $25.00 - $25.00

As part of our commitment to increasing the professionalism of EWYL and the DVDs used, we have spent some time and effort improving the 5 DVDs used in the 2014 and 2015 upgrade (above). For those that have purchased them in the past, either as part of the upgrade or individually, we are offering the ...



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