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New Babies and Older Children, Literature, Parenting

Item: 9458BH

Group: Literature, Parenting

Price: $0.17 - $0.50

An illuminating discussion of the problems that can arise with an older child when a new baby enters his world. Here, too, are many thoughtful and caring things Mom can do to prepare her older children before the new baby arrives. There is much Mom can do to ensure her older children understand why the ...

Main, Life Skills, Toddler EWYL Literature Refill, EWYL, Resources

Item: 9332EW

Group: EWYL, Resources

Price: $189.00 - $189.00

Literature Packs for EWYL Customers to refill their literature for the Main, Life Skills and Toddler Curriculum Packs. Titles included at 50 copies are: *Your Newborn's Emotions (item no. 986YB-L) *Your Baby Learns From Every Experience (item no. 985EE-L) *Coming Home with ...

Toddler EWYL Literature Refill Pack, EWYL, Resources

Item: 9334TP

Group: EWYL, Resources

Price: $43.50 - $43.50

Literature for EWYL Customers to refill their literature for the Toddler Curriculum Pack. Titles included at 50 copies are: *Tantrums (item no. 9454TT) *Stealing (item no. 9455PS) *Whining (item no. 9456WH) *New Babies and Older Children (item no. 9458BH) *Watching for Abuse ...

Parenting Challenges Pack, Literature, Packs

Item: 9346PC

Group: Literature, Packs

Price: $99.95 - $99.95

Includes 50 copies of each title and two table top acrylic display stands. Everything the brand new mother needs to know concerning those early years when "Junior" needs to learn EVERYTHING. How to deal with unacceptable behaviors like biting, stealing, whining and tantrums. How to establish ...



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