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On Sale! Motherhood is Beautiful, Literature, Bulletins

Item: 99599MB

Group: Literature, Bulletins

Price: $0.06 - $0.29

Mothers are a beautiful gift from God. They can bring joy, love and peace into their families. They also may struggle with feelings of inadequacy, pain from their past, and fear for their future. Show others what a joy it can be to walk alongside these women and their families, ...

On Sale! Every Life is Valuable, Literature, Bulletins

Item: 99600RL

Group: Literature, Bulletins

Price: $0.06 - $0.29

As Christians, we are called to act on God’s truth! Christians are also called to love God and love others (Mt 22:37). This can be lived out a thousand different ways. There are opportunities surrounding us each and every day. Will you choose to value others as God values you? ...

On Sale! Take My Hand Not My Life, Literature, Bulletins

Item: 99601TM

Group: Literature, Bulletins

Price: $0.06 - $0.29

As complex as the arguments may get, elective abortion still ends the life of a tiny baby. God has provided guidance to His people to help us know the truth from the lies and to move us to action! God made each of us, and knew us before we were born. Children are a gift, and we are called to ...

On Sale! Work Day Display, Display


Group: Display

Price: $449.00 - $381.00

The Display is complete and ready to use. *Vinyl Banner reads, "970 babies were aborted while you were at work today... *Press Release, Instruction sheet, Info. sheet also included.

On Sale! The Display (full), Display


Group: Display

Price: $649.00 - $551.00

The Display is complete and ready to use. It is designed for Churches and Right to Life Groups who do not have 2 acres of ground to erect wooden crosses. Banner can be erected in front of the display, explaining to passers-by that these flags represent the number of children killed each day by abortion ...

On Sale! The Display (hour), Display


Group: Display

Price: $189.00 - $160.00

The Display is complete and ready to use. This set includes: *120-5"x8" flags (60 pink & 60 blue) *1- 3X4.5 Vinyl Sign explaining flags *Vinyl Banner that reads, "In the last HOUR, 120 Babies DIED from ABORTION.... *Press release, instruction sheet and information sheet ...



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