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On Sale! Eating for Two, DVDs, Pregnancy Issues/Info.

Item: 78405ET

Group: DVDs, Pregnancy Issues/Info.

Price: $89.95 - $59.95

When you’re pregnant, both you and your baby need nourishment in order to thrive. But what does eating for two really mean? Do you get to eat one cookie for yourself and one for the baby, and should you double your portions? In this video, we will look at the diet a pregnant mom should ...

On Sale! Prenatal Care, DVDs, Pregnancy Issues/Info.

Item: 78404PC

Group: DVDs, Pregnancy Issues/Info.

Price: $89.95 - $59.95

You’re pregnant, and you have a lot to consider. Car seats, baby’s room, baby clothes, and what brand of diapers you want to use. But the most important consideration right now is how you can take the best care of yourself and your developing baby. Your first step is setting up your ...

On Sale! Your First Trimester, DVDs, Pregnancy Issues/Info.

Item: 78406YF

Group: DVDs, Pregnancy Issues/Info.

Price: $89.95 - $59.95

You’re pregnant, and you’re wondering, now what? There is a lot to know about pregnancy, your changing body, and your developing baby. So much happens in that first trimester! You will experience changes in your body, your emotions, and your lifestyle. Your baby also goes through a ...

On Sale! Getting Ready, Nesting, DVDs, Pregnancy Issues/Info.

Item: 78409GN

Group: DVDs, Pregnancy Issues/Info.

Price: $89.95 - $59.95

It’s a mystery. Birds do it, hamsters do it, and other animals do it too, including humans. Nesting—is it an animalistic science-proven instinct or just a big belly felt eureka moment? Women in their last month or weeks of pregnancy are often spurred on by bursts of energy, sometimes at ...

On Sale! Why You Should Wait, Abstinence, Tabloids

Item: 967WY

Group: Abstinence, Tabloids

Price: $0.39 - $1.99

Reaching a teenage audience with the message of abstinence can be challenging. This glossy 16-page full-color tabloid will help with that challenge by providing an incredible wealth of factual and documented information in a contemporary style that will catch the eye and captivate the mind of ...



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