PRECIOUS FEET FOLD-OVER CARDS Designed to thank donors and volunteers. Precious Feet come attached to each card. Per fect for any pro-life organization. PRECIOUS FEET THANK-YOU CARD PRICING 1+/$2.95, 10+/$1.25, 50+/$1.09, 100+/$0.99 500+/$0.85, 1000+/$0.75 Vote Pro-Life 100GILVP (Gilt), 100SILVP (Silver) General Thank You 100GILGC (Gilt), 100SILGC (Silver) No Voice 100GILNV (Gilt), 100SILNV (Silver) God’s Masterpiece 100GILGM (Gilt), 100SILGM (Silver) Abortion Vulnerable 100GILPP (Gilt), 100SILPP (Silver) God Has a Plan 100GILGH (Gilt), 100SILGH (Silver) Generic Thank You 100GILPT (Gilt), 100SILPT (Silver) NEW! 50 Years. 64 Million. 100GILYM (Gilt), 100SILYM (Silver) HUNDREDS MORE ITEMS AT WWW.PRO.LIFE | 919 S. MAIN STREET, SNOWFLAKE, AZ 85937 | 1 (800) 858-3040 10