THE FIGHT CONTINUES Roe-v-Wade is overturned. That moment, visualized and desired for decades, has come and gone. And the fight goes on. Tens-of-thousands of lives will be saved by the overturning of Roe. Tens-of-thousands will still be lost as states make extreme pro-abortion laws. While Roe-v-Wade felt like the entire war, it was only a battle ground. And the fight for the lives of the unborn continues. This may sound like a melancholy view but it is really a recognition of the honor due to each one of you who continues your work to save lives even as laws and situations change. The hands-on actions of Pregnancy Centers have changed lives across our country. The thoughtful policies of prolife advocacy groups has created the opportunity for states to codify life. The heart-mending of the churches has brought many to the realization of God’s love of mothers and the unborn. And the daily actions of millions of individuals have saved countless lives through simple pro-life acts. In short, your work matters. Whatever you do to bring the message of life to our culture is making a difference. We see the evidence in the letters, calls, and emails explaining how some resources we offer helped a woman in need or a baby be born. Each is a testimony to your hard work. And the fight for the lives of the unborn continues. We are blessed to be a part of that work with documented pro-life resources. This mini-catalog has a good representation of what we offer but you may want to check out our full offering at www.pro.life. We know that you will find the tools you need to continue making a difference. May God honor your work and bless it to bear fruit for here and now and for His kingdom forever. Brandon Monahan, CEO, Heritage House ‘76