L ITERATURE PRICING – IN PACKS OF 50 1+/$24.50, 2+/$19.50, 10+/$17.50, 20+/$14.50, 100+/$12.50, 200+/$11.00 MORE SUPPLIES AT WWW.PRO.LIFE Sexually Transmitted Diseases are a very real consequence of having sex outside of marriage and sometimes can even be deadly. Encourage abstinence in the young people you know by sharing these often life-long conditions which can negatively affect any future relationship they may have. STD'S/STI'S (SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES/INFECTIONS) LITERATURE Look for this symbol throughout this catalog, alongside brochures containing medical information. Its presence indicates the content has been reviewed and approved by an AMA-l icensed physician to ensure its accuracy. STDs, What You Should Know 9592ST BESTSELLER! UPDATED ‘22! Oral Sex - Get the Facts 9594OS BESTSELLER! UPDATED ‘20! Condoms, What You Should Know 9593CO BESTSELLER! UPDATED ‘22! Pregnancy and STDs, Get the Facts 9595PS UPDATED ‘22! Syphilis 9583SY UPDATED ‘20! Genital Herpes 9585GH UPDATED ‘22! HPV 9582HP UPDATED ‘20! Chlamydia 9581CH UPDATED ‘22! HUNDREDS MORE ITEMS AT WWW.PRO.LIFE | 919 S. MAIN STREET, SNOWFLAKE, AZ 85937 | 1 (800) 858-3040 47