MORE SUPPLIES AT WWW.PRO.LIFE THE DAY DISPLAY WORK DAY DISPLAY HOUR DISPLAY Includes: 4’x 8’ Banner (item B156DD) 2,400 flags - 1450 blue, 1450 pink, instructions, information. I tem #: V-Display-Day Price: $799.00 Includes: 4’x 8’ Banner (item B157DW) 800 flags - 400 blue, 400 pink, instructions, information. I tem #: V-Display-WDAY Price: $549.00 Includes: 3’x 4.5’ Banner (item V-VP-33) 100 flags - 50 blue, 50 pink. , instructions, info. I tem #: V-Display-Hour Price: $219.00 “We have used this display for several years now and it has made quite an impression on people. We set it up by a major highway over the Memorial Day weekend. The only drawback is that the metal rods of the flags do rust.” - Ann Morell, V-DISPLAY-DAY-P “This display of flags representing unborn babies lost daily through abortion is an amazing site. It catches the eye and touches the heart.” - Beth Thorrez, V-DISPLAY-WDAY “We buy these for our Respect Life group. We place them all along the curb of our church - along two streets. We also ask our community if they notice them in an ad in our paper. They stand out for Life!” - Grace Braun, V-DISPLAY-HOUR HUNDREDS MORE ITEMS AT WWW.PRO.LIFE | 919 S. MAIN STREET, SNOWFLAKE, AZ 85937 | 1 (800) 858-3040 71