SEE PRICING & PREVIEWS ONL INE AT WWW.PRO.L IFE. VIDEOS Messages of Hope 77982PA 77981HE 77983R 77984PL Abortion Info 78020PT 7824FD 7793AL 7750YH Labor and Early Childhood 78493LD1 78492SW 78547BT 77985BB Find everything you need to make an impact on the men, women, and babies in your community! Topics include: • Messages of Hope • Abor tion Info • Prenatal Care Information • Pregnancy Information • Parenting & Early Childhood • Life Skills • Parenting Advice & Aid • Baby Bottle Promotional DVDs • Fatherhood • Abstinence • PRC Training & Information • And many more miscellaneous subjects! We’ll replace your True to Life discs FREE OF CHARGE! Just look for this icon. 1. Send us your scratched discs in their cases to: Heritage House, c/o Disc Replacement, 919 S Main Street, Snowflake, AZ 85937. 2. Add $10 for return shipping and handling. 3. Throw in a business card so we can ship them back. 4. THAT IS IT! We will send new discs 2 - 4 days after receiving them. There is NO time limit or restrictions! MORE SUPPLIES AT WWW.PRO.LIFE This star indicates that a DVD is also available in Spanish! HUNDREDS MORE ITEMS AT WWW.PRO.LIFE | 919 S. MAIN STREET, SNOWFLAKE, AZ 85937 | 1 (800) 858-3040 92