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40 DVD, DVDs, Abortion Information

Item: 7824FD

Group: DVDs, Abortion Information

Price: $17.95 - $19.95

This is one of the most compelling Pro-Life documentaries ever produced! This DVD features inspiring stories and deeply personal interviews with many of the biggest names in the Pro-Life movement, including: Lila Rose, the President of Live Action; Abby Johnson, Former Planned Parenthood ...

The Voice of John, DVDs, Abortion Information

Item: 7805VJ

Group: DVDs, Abortion Information

Price: $18.95 - $19.95

In 1977, a young nurse was working in an OB unit of a major West Virginia hospital. She stumbled upon a LIVE baby, placed in a “dirty utility room” and left to die. What she did not realize is that Roe vs. Wade had just been passed by the U.S. Supreme Court and this atrocity was indeed legal. This ...

You Have Options, DVDs, Abortion Information

Item: 7750YH

Group: DVDs, Abortion Information

Price: $36.95 - $39.95

Three women found themselves with unexpected pregnancies and realized that they had to face their circumstances while struggling with the options available to them. They share their real and honest stories as they made the most difficult decision of their lives. You can view the DVD here: ...



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