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Sex and You, DVDs, Sexual Health

Item: 78400SY

Group: DVDs, Sexual Health

Price: $89.95 - $89.95

Sex is a basic human desire that plays a huge role in your life. We’re all motivated by different reasons for having sex, but it can dramatically change our lives for better or worse. As much as our culture wants to downplay the seriousness of sex, the truth is there are always strings attached, and ...

Love Lessons, DVDs, Sexual Health

Item: 7798SL

Group: DVDs, Sexual Health

Price: $45.95 - $49.95

This is a faith-based DVD curriculum for students. Today’s teens have not been told the whole truth about the consequences of their choices when it comes to sex! The culture hands them a daily dose of sex through music, television, movies, internet, social sites, and texts while never showing the ...

Teen Sex-The Rules, DVDs, Sexual Health

Item: 78397TR-D

Group: DVDs, Sexual Health

Price: $27.95 - $29.95

Each year more than 8,000 teens contract a new STD. 85% of these teens do not even know they have a life-threatening disease. The Rules Have Changed is a succinct DVD that answers questions about the dangers of sex. Is there really an STD epidemic? Aren’t STDs curable with medicine? Isn’t “safe sex” ...

The Heart of the Matter, DVDs, Sexual Health

Item: 78401HM

Group: DVDs, Sexual Health

Price: $89.99 - $89.99

We all desire a deep connection with another person. We want a relationship where we are known and loved. And…we want to have a great sex life too. But can you have all of this through hookups, one-night-stands, or by living with someone before marriage? Our culture says, “YES!” In this video, we will ...

STD/STI Avoidance, DVDs, Sexual Health

Item: 78402SA

Group: DVDs, Sexual Health

Price: $89.99 - $89.99

We live in a day where hooking up is as easy as a swipe to the right with no strings attached. There are friends with benefits, sex without a relationship or sex to keep one, sex as a way to get to know someone, sex to get what you want, and sex to forget someone you love. But is this really true? Can we really ...



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