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Labor & Delivery: Getting Ready, DVDs, Childbirth Education

Item: 78493LD1

Group: DVDs, Childbirth Education

Price: $89.95 - $89.95

Giving birth IS tough, but having a baby is amazing! But you might be wondering what to expect. In this video we’ll talk about three important things you need to know as you approach your baby’s birth: 1. How childbirth works including why you have pain in labor. 2. The five clues that tell you labor is ...

Labor & Delivery: Natural Measures, DVDs, Childbirth Education

Item: 78494LD2

Group: DVDs, Childbirth Education

Price: $89.95 - $89.95

Pain in childbirth can feel pretty scary. You might wonder, “can I handle it?! What if I can’t?” In this video we talk all about managing pain the natural way. That’s right, without any pain medication. You can do this! You’ll learn about the Three R's: Relaxation, Ritual, and Rhythm to help you manage ...

Labor & Delivery: Medical Pain Relief, DVDs, Childbirth Education

Item: 78528LD3

Group: DVDs, Childbirth Education

Price: $89.95 - $89.95

Having a baby is hard work and choosing how you manage your pain is important. You get to choose! Do you want to take away some or most of the pain? But you should know that choosing a medicated option will lead to certain interventions and procedures. In this video we talk about your medical pain relief ...

Labor & Delivery:Getting Ready - Spanish, DVDs, Childbirth Education

Item: 78493LD1-S

Group: DVDs, Childbirth Education

Price: $89.99 - $89.99

Dar a luz ES difícil, ¡pero tener un bebé es increíble! Pero es posible que se pregunte qué esperar. En este video, hablaremos de tres cosas importantes que debe saber a medida que se acerca al nacimiento de su bebé: 1. Cómo funciona el parto, incluido por qué tiene dolor durante el trabajo de parto. 2. ...

Labor 101, DVDs, Childbirth Education

Item: 7720LD

Group: DVDs, Childbirth Education

Price: $26.95 - $29.95

“Class in a box” covers the essentials of prenatal education. It takes you through each stage of labor, birth options, breathing, and relaxation. It empowers parents with comprehensive prenatal education. Learn techniques that will help your client give birth as naturally or as medically ...

Understanding Birth, DVDs, Childbirth Education

Item: 7810UB-D

Group: DVDs, Childbirth Education

Price: $395.95 - $395.95

What educators have called, “The best birth video ever,” is now even better! With our second edition of this award-winning program, we’ve included the most current, evidence-based information, all-new footage, and an overall fresh look. As viewers follow the featured families from pregnancy ...



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