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Labor 101, DVDs, Childbirth Education

Item: 7720LD

Group: DVDs, Childbirth Education

Price: $26.95 - $29.95

“Class in a box” covers the essentials of prenatal education. It takes you through each stage of labor, birth options, breathing, and relaxation. It empowers parents with comprehensive prenatal education. Learn techniques that will help your client give birth as naturally or as medically ...

Your Developing Body/Baby 3rd Trimester, DVDs, Childbirth Education

Item: 78411YT

Group: DVDs, Childbirth Education

Price: $89.95 - $89.95

You are moving into your third trimester, and you’re feeling VERY pregnant. Your baby is getting bigger, and you can feel her moving and kicking. What is going on in there?! While your body is changing to accommodate your growing baby, you are likely feeling more tired, but also strangely energized. ...

Shaken Baby Syndrome, DVDs, Childbirth Education

Item: 78412SB

Group: DVDs, Childbirth Education

Price: $89.95 - $89.95

You’ve seen the stories in the news of babies who’ve been violently shaken and then died from their injuries. Most of us think, “Not me! I would never do that!” There are very few people who set out to hurt a baby. But when you are at your wits end, actions can become chaotic and extreme, and sadly, ...

Understanding Birth, DVDs, Childbirth Education

Item: 7810UB-D

Group: DVDs, Childbirth Education

Price: $395.95 - $395.95

What educators have called, “The best birth video ever,” is now even better! With our second edition of this award-winning program, we’ve included the most current, evidence-based information, all-new footage, and an overall fresh look. As viewers follow the featured families from pregnancy ...



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