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Pregnant? Here are Your Options, Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Minded

Item: 9475PH

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Minded

Price: $0.19 - $0.79

Fully documented information for your abortion-minded clients. First, the statement: You have options, and it’s your choice! Here are your choices. Here are the consequences of each choice. Parenting is hard; here’s why. Placing your child for adoption is hard; here’s why. Having an abortion is ...

Planned Parenthood, It's Not What You Think, Spanish, Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Information

Item: 917PP-S

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Information

Price: $0.19 - $0.79

Planned Parenthood’s agenda for our children is shocking. Yet, most people believe their smooth advertising, showing that they are there to help the girl in distress. When you read excerpts from some of their own literature, you can see their real goals. Planned Parenthood is in the business of ...

The Display (full), Display


Group: Display

Price: $649.00 - $649.00

The Display is complete and ready to use. It is designed for Churches and Right to Life Groups who do not have 2 acres of ground to erect wooden crosses. Banner can be erected in front of the display, explaining to passers-by that these flags represent the number of children killed each day by abortion ...

Pray To End Abortion, Promotional, Bumper Stickers

Item: 3171PT

Group: Promotional, Bumper Stickers

Price: $0.59 - $2.99

Bumper stickers are a time honored way to get the message out to thousands of people with very little effort. Think of how much time we spend in traffic, at the mall and parked at sporting events! But why limit the message to cars? Stick them on school folders, windows, and walls-anywhere you want the ...

Gold Plated Tear, Jewelry, Other Pro-Life

Item: 103TF

Group: Jewelry, Other Pro-Life

Price: $2.39 - $4.95

This tear drop with the international pro-life symbol, "Precious Feet", the exact size and shape of an unborn babies feet at 10 weeks after conception, is worn in memory of all the women and preborn children harmed by the abortion industry.

Your Abortion Appointment, Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Minded

Item: 9474YU

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Minded

Price: $0.19 - $0.79

A modern, graphic presentation that screams the truth. Filled with exploding colors young people identify with; the disjointed, snappy one-liner style of communication they’re accustomed to as they tune in today’s vulgar variety to be found on television and the internet. This is plain talk ...

What a Baby Feels During Abortion, Banners, Banners with Stands

Item: B130DA

Group: Banners, Banners with Stands

Price: $79.00 - $129.00

These are new, quality, flex vinyl, stand-up banners that are designed to capture your attention They are portable and lightweight and can be placed booths, lobbies, and more. The stands are aluminum. Includes banner and stands. Recommended for indoor use only. ...

Why Pro-Life?, Abortion/Pro-Life, Pro-Life

Item: 9364WP

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Pro-Life

Price: $0.19 - $0.79

A definitive statement of the issues, this pamphlet deals with each argument in a succinct and thorough way — beginning with the differences between those who defend “a woman’s right to choose,” and those of us who argue in favor of God’s great gift of life. Advocating for the protection of women as ...

Forgiven and Set Free, Books, Abortion Healing

Item: 7621FS

Group: Books, Abortion Healing

Price: $9.95 - $11.95

Come to terms with the pain, guilt, and grief of an abortion with this inspired Bible study, guiding hurting and suffering women to bring their emotional scars out of the dark and into His holy light where true and lasting healing can take place. By: Linda Cochrane. ...

Help With Your Pregnancy, Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Minded

Item: 9477HP

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Minded

Price: $0.19 - $0.79

Pregnant? Scared? Don’t know where to turn? There’s a place you can go for help. They’ll tell you your options. They’ll help you through your pregnancy. They’ll help you adopt your baby out. They’ll help you parent your child. They’ll help you after you’ve had your abortion. These people care about ...

Birth Control Set, Literature, Packs

Item: 9336BC

Group: Literature, Packs

Price: $119.00 - $119.00

Literature all about birth control: the methods, effects and consequences. Each set contains 50 copies of each title and two display stands. Titles included are: *Birth Control Pill (item no. 9371BC) *Condoms (item no. 9372CO) *Natural Family Planning (item no. 9373NF) *Morning ...

Life Matters, Abortion/Pro-Life, Tabloids

Item: 918PL

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Tabloids

Price: $0.39 - $1.99

Reaching teens and young adults with the pro-life message can be a challenge - but Heritage House has now made it easier than ever. Our 12-page tabloid includes our 12 most popular and up-to-date pro-life pieces in a format that attracts and keeps the average teen’s attention. Covering subjects ...

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