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The Wonderful Talents..., Spanish, Literature, Parenting

Item: 984AT-S

Group: Literature, Parenting

Price: $0.19 - $0.79

This brochure covers the ways in which infants communicate with the world around them. It was not always believed that infants could actively communicate with their parents and caregivers; however, research shows this is not so. Infants have finely tuned senses that many parents are unaware of. ...

D/C Quality Child Care, Spanish, Literature, Parenting

Item: 998QC-S

Group: Literature, Parenting

Price: $1.00 - $1.00

In today's world, more and more parents who work outside the home are faced with the challenge of finding quality child care for their children. In this booklet, we provide some general tips on finding quality child care - what to look for, what options are available, and what questions to ask. Used in ...

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