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The Joy Of Your Life, Banners, Vinyl Banner

Item: B194JY

Group: Banners, Vinyl Banner

Price: $69.00 - $99.00

These premium quality flex-vinyl signs are printed using UV (sun) resistant inks on sturdy, rip resistant vinyl that will last for years. Great for use as a backdrop in a fair booth, on the front or side of buildings and clinics, even on an interior wall where you want to make a dramatic statement. The ...

Staying out of Debt, DVDs, Life Skills

Item: 77996M9

Group: DVDs, Life Skills

Price: $59.95 - $59.95

You’ve worked hard to get there,and now you’re finally out of debt. Does life now just go on as usual? Or do you need a plan to stay out of debt? In this video we’ll look at the behaviors and habits it takes to stay out of debt and spend purposefully. ...

Growing Up, DVDs, Parenting

Item: 7714ME

Group: DVDs, Parenting

Price: $49.95 - $49.95

What and when you feed your baby can determine whether she will have allergies. The way you approach her early forays into solid foods and her first attempts at feeding herself will influence her eating habits. The general menu you offer her may predict her lifelong dietary choices. Surely, all her ...

Crecimiento y Desarrollo, Spanish, DVDs, Parenting

Item: 7714ME-S

Group: DVDs, Parenting

Price: $49.95 - $49.95

Qué y cuándo alimenta a su bebé puede determinar si tendrá alergias. La forma en que abordes sus incursiones tempranas en alimentos sólidos y sus primeros intentos de alimentarse a sí misma influirán en sus hábitos alimenticios. El menú general que le ofreces puede predecir sus elecciones ...

Is Virginity Missing in Your Life?, Sexual Health, Information

Item: 9842IV

Group: Sexual Health, Information

Price: $0.19 - $0.79

It’s not always easy talking with teens about virginity. Here is a brochure written by Molly Kelly that’s clever. Instead of “hitting kids over the head” with the abstinence message, it gets them involved. Before they know it, they are analyzing their own life and relationships. Molly lists many ...

The Joy Of Your Life, Bumper Stickers, Standard Size

Item: 3173JY

Group: Bumper Stickers, Standard Size

Price: $0.59 - $2.99

Bumper stickers are a time honored way to get the message out to thousands of people with very little effort. Think of how much time we spend in traffic, at the mall and parked at sporting events! But why limit the message to cars? Stick them on school folders, windows, and walls-anywhere you want the ...

Life is Precious Women & Youth, Jewelry, Pro-Life Awareness

Item: 1958LP

Group: Jewelry, Pro-Life Awareness

Price: $0.47 - $0.99

The message of life can be promoted in the popular rubber-bracelet format using uplifting and positive Pro-Life messages. Perfect for any teenager and great for everyone else, these are priced so low you can afford to give them away! Bracelets are 7 in circumference and 1 inch wide. ...

Why Pro-Life?, Abortion/Pro-Life, Pro-Life

Item: 9364WP

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Pro-Life

Price: $0.19 - $0.79

A definitive statement of the issues, this pamphlet deals with each argument in a succinct and thorough way — beginning with the differences between those who defend “a woman’s right to choose,” and those of us who argue in favor of God’s great gift of life. Advocating for the protection of women as ...

Life is Precious, Promotional, Vinyl Cut-Outs

Item: 3254LP

Group: Promotional, Vinyl Cut-Outs

Price: $2.49 - $5.99

Turn any window, car or home into a billboard for life with these vinyl window stickers! In traffic or in a parking lot, your car will be seen by hundreds of people every day. For use on the OUTSIDE of any type of glass or flat surface. Vinyl has adhesive on it for application. ...

Bookmark, Cherish Life, Promotional, Bookmark

Item: 489CL

Group: Promotional, Bookmark

Price: $0.08 - $0.29

These bookmarks make an inexpensive handout for fairs, church presentations, parades etc. Use them to share the message of Life with others.   This image is from artist David Bowman, an amazing artist that we are blessed to have in our own small community. For more information and to see ...

Life Matters, Abortion/Pro-Life, Tabloids

Item: 918PL

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Tabloids

Price: $0.39 - $1.99

Reaching teens and young adults with the pro-life message can be a challenge - but Heritage House has now made it easier than ever. Our 12-page tabloid includes our 12 most popular and up-to-date pro-life pieces in a format that attracts and keeps the average teen’s attention. Covering subjects ...

The Work of His Hands, Promotional, Key Chains

Item: A417TW

Group: Promotional, Key Chains

Price: $1.29 - $2.95

Pro-Life messages come to life with some of our most popular key chain designs. Each design is created in full-color and printed on both sides. Priced low enough in quantity to use as handouts.

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