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For Men Only, Abortion/Pro-Life, Post Abortion

Item: 974FM

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Post Abortion

Price: $0.19 - $0.79

Many babies could be saved if the father realized the fetus is a living, growing human being. This brochure explains current abortion methods and complications and includes a brief fetal development section, all with complete documentation. Encourages men to assume their role as the father. ...

Silent No More Promotional Brochure, Silent No More

Item: 916SN

Group: Silent No More

Price: $0.29 - $0.99

This brochure serves as an excellent introduction to the Silent No More Awareness Campaign. It highlights the goals of the campaign, explains how those involved in the campaign work to spread awareness, and discusses how Silent No More helps to reach out to women and men who have been devastated by ...

How You Can be Pro-Life, Abortion/Pro-Life, Pro-Life

Item: 9493HC

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Pro-Life

Price: $0.19 - $0.79

Speaks to that individual who identifies with the pro-life movement but is unaware of how he/she might make a contribution. The reader will find seven specific activities listed under the titles, “Be A Light,” “Be Smart,” “Be A Volunteer,” “Be A Resource,” “Be A Giver,” “Be A Teacher,” and “Be A ...

Father No More, Abortion/Pro-Life, Post Abortion

Item: 9411FN

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Post Abortion

Price: $0.19 - $0.79

Written to every man who’s lost a child to abortion. Some men encourage their partner to abort, some oppose it, some are passive. But each one of them, no matter their participation or lack of it, will experience the pain of loss. In this brochure, abortive fathers are encouraged to forgive ...

Baby Eve - White, Touch of Life, Baby Eve

Item: 7554TL-20

Group: Touch of Life, Baby Eve

Price: $49.95 - $69.95

Heritage House is proud to introduce the newest baby in our Touch of Life fetal models. Baby Eve is a 20-week post conception (22-week LMP) model designed specifically to show the amazing detail of unborn babies at this important moment. The 20-week date is vital as many states are trying to or have ...

You Have a Right to Know, Spanish, Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Minded

Item: 978YH-S

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Minded

Price: $0.19 - $0.79

Every woman considering an abortion (and her parents) should be given this pamphlet. It explains the medical and psychological dangers of abortion. Includes updated explanations of abortion methods. Gives immediate and long-term complications of abortion and discusses the breast cancer ...

Conceived in Rape, Abortion/Pro-Life, Other

Item: 952CR

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Other

Price: $0.19 - $0.79

The beautifully told story of Rebecca Kiessling is one of hope. Abortion wasn’t legal on her birth date - the same date that Roe v Wade began. She was spared. Her mother, a rape victim, actually tried twice to obtain abortions but failed. Rebecca was adopted to another family. Not until she was 18 did ...

Did You Know?, Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Information

Item: HP-9580DY

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Information

Price: $0.15 - $0.69

Shocking evidence of the inhumanity of abortion. These actual photos of tangled arms and legs, whole bodies thrown into a garbage can, are too gory and repulsive to be contemplated — yet they are real! Their brutally frank commentary speaks volumes about the murder of innocent life practiced and ...

From Fairy Tale to Tragedy, Abortion/Pro-Life, Other

Item: 912BC

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Other

Price: $0.19 - $0.79

From the beginning, Robin excelled at everything: a high school summer job as a life guard; track team in college; two years in Hawaii surf boarding and modeling; travel as a flight attendant. Then, the big marriage, with a honeymoon in Tahiti, lots of money, a big home, and good friends. But there was ...

Your Girlfriend & Abortion, Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Minded Men

Item: 9490GA

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Minded Men

Price: $0.19 - $0.79

"When you hear those words, “I think I’m pregnant,” it’s understandable if your first reaction is fear. This could be the beginning of a life far more complicated than the one you had planned. Don’t act out of fear. Get educated. Find out what the consequences of her decision will be for your ...

Rachel's Vineyard Promotional-Spanish, Abortion/Pro-Life, Post Abortion

Item: 9997RV-S

Group: Abortion/Pro-Life, Post Abortion

Price: $0.29 - $0.99

Informs about Rachel’s Vineyard weekends, explaining the opportunity for those who struggle with the emotional and spiritual pain of abortion. The brochure includes lots of testimonials that will encourage a participant to get help. 8 1/2”x 14” Quarterfold Brochure. ...

When You Have to ..... Decide, DVDs, Considering Abortion

Item: 78020PT

Group: DVDs, Considering Abortion

Price: $89.95 - $89.95

An unplanned pregnancy is hard and confusing. You’re frightened and likely have many people telling you what to do. You need medical-based information you can trust. In this video, your options for your pregnancy and the fetal development that occurs in the first twelve weeks are laid out. A ...

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