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Life Skills Pack, 5 Modules, EWYL, Sets and Packs

Item: 7601EWYL-LS

Group: EWYL, Sets and Packs

Price: $1,099.95 - $1,099.95

The need for basic life skills is felt by every client advocate around the country. Those simple things that our parents taught us are not being passed down to the next generation of broken families. These modules cover subjects from choosing to save sex for marriage, to managing money, to job ...

Life Skills Pack, 3 Modules, EWYL, PPT

Item: 7601EWYL-LS-M

Group: EWYL, PPT

Price: $999.95 - $999.95

Reaching a wide variety of clients is extremely important for every program. Positive Parenting Tactics uses vocabulary and sentence structure consistent with an 8th grade level of writing. We don’t over-complicate; we design and simplify every lesson to a level of understandability with your ...



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