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Infant Expectations, DVDs, Parenting

Item: 7709EX

Group: DVDs, Parenting

Price: $59.95 - $59.95

The first hours, days, and weeks with your newborn baby can be overwhelming. There is so much to learn and know! What will my baby look like? What is normal? What kind of behaviors can I expect? Should my baby really sleep so much? Why does my baby cry so much? Is it colic? What if there are complications? ...

Expectativas Infantiles, Spanish, DVDs, Parenting

Item: 7709EX-S

Group: DVDs, Parenting

Price: $59.95 - $59.95

Las primeras horas, días y semanas con su bebé recién nacido pueden ser agotante. ¡Hay tanto que aprender y conocer! ¿Cómo lucirá mi bebé? ¿Qué es normal? ¿Qué tipo de comportamientos debe esperar? ¿Es normal que mi bebé duerma tanto? ¿Por qué mi bebé llora tanto? ¿Tiene un cólico? ¿Qué pasa si se ...

Main Curriculum Updates 2016, EWYL, Updates

Item: 7601EWYL-M16

Group: EWYL, Updates

Price: $199.00 - $199.00

The 2016 Main Curriculum Upgrade includes the following DVD's :   Update includes the following DVD's: 7709EX Infant Expectations 7728SC Simple Infant Care 7740HY Infant Hygiene 7746CY Caring For Yourself LESSONS WILL BE INCLUDED ON A DISC   Printed Lessons: You ...



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