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First Year Milestones, DVDs, Early Childhood

Item: 7711AB

Group: DVDs, Early Childhood

Price: $19.99 - $19.99

This DVD is a guide to your baby's development throughout the first year. Divided into four segments.Chapters include:

Three-Four Month
Six Months
Twelve Months Part of the EWYL Curriculum

Main Curriculum Updates 2014, EWYL, Updates

Item: 7601EWYL-M14

Group: EWYL, Updates

Price: $149.00 - $149.00

Updates include following DVD'S: 7712UB Your Unborn Baby's Secret World, 7713MF Infant Bonding, 7711AB Aimee's Babies First Year Milestones,  New Module 12 (5 lessons), All 4 lessons will be included on a disc.  Lessons included on update: 3.3 Your Unborn Baby's Secret ...



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