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Your Unborn Baby's Secret World, DVDs, Fetal Development

Item: 7712UB

Group: DVDs, Fetal Development

Price: $29.95 - $29.95

As recently as 25 years ago, we thought unborn babies were unaware of anything outside the womb. Since then, though, science has gained a better understanding of Your Unborn Baby’s Secret World. That secret place inside you where your unborn baby resides is not a deep, dark cave where she is hidden ...

Refresher Pack 2014/2015 Update DVDs, Coupon

Item: 7604RP

Group: Coupon

Price: $25.00 - $25.00

As part of our commitment to increasing the professionalism of EWYL and the DVDs used, we have spent some time and effort improving the 5 DVDs used in the 2014 and 2015 upgrade (above). For those that have purchased them in the past, either as part of the upgrade or individually, we are offering the ...

Main Curriculum Updates 2014, EWYL, Updates

Item: 7601EWYL-M14

Group: EWYL, Updates

Price: $149.00 - $149.00

Updates include following DVD'S: 7712UB Your Unborn Baby's Secret World, 7713MF Infant Bonding, 7711AB Aimee's Babies First Year Milestones,  New Module 12 (5 lessons), All 4 lessons will be included on a disc.  Lessons included on update: 3.3 Your Unborn Baby's Secret ...

El Mundo Secreto de Tu Bebé Por, Spanish, DVDs, Fetal Development

Item: 7712UB-S

Group: DVDs, Fetal Development

Price: $29.95 - $29.95

Tan reciente como 25 años atrás, se pensaba que los bebés por nacer no estaban al tanto de lo que sucedía fuera del vientre. Sin embargo, hoy en día la ciencia ha podido obtener un major entendimiento en cuanto El Mundo Secreto de tu Bebé Por Nacer. Mediante el uso de ultrasonidos y fibra óptica, ...



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