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Helping Children Process Change, DVDs, Life Skills

Item: 78003PC

Group: DVDs, Life Skills

Price: $89.95 - $89.95

Change is difficult for children. They may not show it immediately, but inside they are trying to protect themselves from the hurt that so much change brings. This video will help you talk through these hard issues with your children. Helping them sort through and understand their confusing ...

Life Skills Curriculum Updates 2018, EWYL, Updates

Item: 7601EWYL-L18

Group: EWYL, Updates

Price: $299.95 - $299.95

If you know EWYL, you know that the Life Skills pack needed to be upgraded! Last year we created 10 new and fun financial DVDs and this year we are back to upgrade another module with 5 new lessons and DVDs. These lessons are design to help families as they try to have a success family in a fast-changing ...



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