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PACK (50): Singleness and Children, Literature, Marriage/Cohabitation

Item: 9384SC-P

Group: Literature, Marriage/Cohabitation

Price: $11.00 - $24.50

The need for companionship is basic. Abstinence is difficult, but the emotional stress brought about by multiple partners can be much worse. When a man is unwilling to commit to a marriage relationship but is looking for sex, it is time to say goodbye. This pamphlet asks the single parent to wait for ...

Cohabitation/Marriage Set, Literature, Packs

Item: 9337MS

Group: Literature, Packs

Price: $69.00 - $69.00

Literature all about cohabitation and marriage. Each set contains 50 of each title as well as a display stand. Titles included are: *Why Marriage (for women)? (Item No. 9381WW) *Why Should I Get Married? (Item No. 9382WM) *Living Together..the Truth About Cohabitation (Item No. ...



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