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PACK (50): Enfermedades del Bebe, Spanish, Literature, Parenting

Item: 9468BS-S-P

Group: Literature, Parenting

Price: $11.00 - $24.50

We don’t want to be “the little boy who cried wolf,” but, when baby is sick, we worry. What to do about a fever? When to call the doctor? How about a cold? What do I do about her stuffy nose? How long will her cold last? Oh, dear, she has diarrhea! Can’t you give me a general idea of how to behave when my baby’s ...

Spanish EWYL Literature Refill Pack, EWYL, Resources

Item: 9330SR

Group: EWYL, Resources

Price: $179.00 - $179.00

Literature for EWYL Customers to refill their literature for the Main Curriculum Pack. Each set contains 50 copies of most brochures and 10 of the booklets. Titles included at 50 copies are: 9353WA-SWhat to Avoid During Pregnancy 9354YU-S Your Ultrasound 9355YB-S Your Body ...



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