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Practical Fatherhood Literature Pack, Literature, Fatherhood

Item: 9331FP

Group: Literature, Fatherhood

Price: $139.00 - $139.00

Literature Pack for Practical Fatherhood Titles included at 50 copies are: *Real Time (item no. 9571RT) *Role Models (item no. 9572RM) *Respecting Parents (item no. 9573RF) *Leading (item no. 9574LD) *Foundation for Discipline (item no. 9575FD) *Discipline Guidelines ...

PACK (50): Practical Fatherhood, Discipline Guidelines, Literature, Fatherhood

Item: 9576DG-P

Group: Literature, Fatherhood

Price: $11.00 - $24.50

This brochure combines good advice concerning the why and how of discipline with a helpful acronym for the thoughtful Dad to use as a reminder. “THINK” stands for: Take a moment and think; Hear the child; Identify the real problem; No emotions; and Keep it personal. Suggestions here include: ...



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