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PACK (50): Your Newborn's Emotions, Literature, Parenting

Item: 986YB-L-P

Group: Literature, Parenting

Price: $11.00 - $24.50

Before babies can speak, they communicate through their emotions and expressions. The way babies smile, cry, or look into your eyes lets you know how they feel and what they need. Learning to understand and appreciate baby’s first language is one of the most rewarding challenges of parenting. Can ...

Main EWYL Literature Refill Pack, EWYL, Resources

Item: 9333EC

Group: EWYL, Resources

Price: $179.00 - $179.00

Literature for EWYL Customers to refill their literature for the Main Curriculum Pack. Each set contains 50 copies of most brochures and 10 of the booklets. Titles included at 50 copies are: 9353WA What to Avoid During Pregnancy 9354YU Your Ultrasound 9355YB Your Body and ...



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