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Group Jewelry, Precious Hands
Item Silver
Item Number 101SIL
Material Nickel Finish
Material Color Silver
Process Cast
Size 0.5W x 0.25H
Weight 0.136 Oz.
Includes Precious Hands Card
Description: The Precious Hands are taking their place along side the Precious Feet to educate and stimulate conversations. These lapel pins are the exact size and shape of an unborn baby's hands at 10 -12 weeks. Designed exclusively for the Heritage House by Maria Ogden and completed with the encouragement of Synda Masse formerly of Focus on the Family, they are perfect for letting others know the truth of fetal development. The tiny little fingers are a natural draw into conversation and education.


Customer Reviews

We love having this alternative to the Precious Feet. I received the feet as a gift and purchased the hands for myself and coworkers as I loved them equally as well. It's a great reminder and conversation starter.
By: Allison
Inserted: 1/2/2019

The Precious Hands are a great conversation starter and a wonderful tool for promoting the Sanctity of Human Life!
By: Kim Bell
Inserted: 12/31/2018

I am the Executive Director for the Care Net Pregnancy Care Center of the Finger Lakes in Geneva, NY. We have used the Precious Feet & hand pins for almost 20 years! We see such an impact using them in the schools, churches & our men's group - LOVE THEM!
By: Patricia Button
Inserted: 2/10/2014

These hands are my newest favorite to show to the kids at the school where I work. They are in awe when they find out that they are the exact representation of a 10 week fetus in the womb (a mommy's tummy according to them). I highly recommend these. They are also the perfect 'silent witness" for babies in the womb. Educating people to the reality of life is saving lives. The silver is good cause it will always be silver unlike the gold which can wear off depending how much you use it. But I love the gold! I love matching the silver with my sliver jewelry and the gold with my gold jewelry.
By: laureen
Inserted: 1/5/2014

Honestly, I do not like these nearly as much as the little feet. I do agree with some of the other comments - these do tend to break easier because of the separate little fingers. Still, an effective conversation starter.
By: Sue
Inserted: 12/4/2013

I wear a pair of hands or feet on my jumper every day ... It gives me the opportunity as a nurse to speak about the development of a child in utero.
By: Nancy
Inserted: 7/30/2013

I wear this and it gives me opportunities to share about the unborn, because someone always comments on it when they see it!
By: Susan Verharst
Inserted: 7/15/2013

We ordered these pins for some of our volunteers. However, they were surprisingly fragile! We had a problem with little, precious fingers actually breaking off! Not quite the image we were shooting for.
By: Kelly
Inserted: 6/19/2013

I normally use the Precious Feet at my booth and talks, but tried the hands on one occasion. I was well pleased with the reception from the people with whom I shared the pro life message.
By: John Caviness
Inserted: 6/18/2013

I've ordered the Precious Feet & wear them daily. When anybody asks about the pin, I always explain, and then take it off & give it to them. I've also given them out to my friends. Now I will order the Precious Hands, and do the same thing.
By: Leslie Duperon
Inserted: 5/13/2013

The perfect complement and unique companion to the Precious Feet. Mesmerizing when you wear these little hands. So much meaning in such a small pin. Love them!
By: Sandra
Inserted: 4/7/2013

The Precious Hands are a great gift that we give to our Hike for Life sponsors and volunteers. They are also a great conversation starter and an intro to spreading the Pro Life message.
By: Martin
Inserted: 3/26/2013

These are my favorite to use. Some kids and adults have seen the baby feet pins so much they love this as a new item. Every time I use them I get great feedback and everyone present wants one.
By: B. Martinez
Inserted: 1/15/2013

The Precious Hands are another great way to really touch people with the amazing truth of fetal development.
By: Beth Thorrez
Inserted: 1/7/2013

The Precious Feet are very special, but I find people sit up and take notice of the little hands.
By: Cynthia
Inserted: 10/31/2012

I am very excited to replenish my stock of Precious Hands at such a reasonable price. They help me share the pro-life message with ANYONE! When people seeing the actual size that they were at 10 weeks it is impacting.
By: Lynae
Inserted: 10/22/2012

We give these to clients, volunteers and take them to public events. People are amazed about the size and it helps us make the point that at 10 weeks, it is a BABY!!!!!
Inserted: 10/22/2012

People who have gotten use to wearing the precious feet are tickled at the little hands, They are so sweet! And next to the sign that says "Take my hand, not my life" - Perfect!
By: Ann
Inserted: 9/24/2012

I have loved the feet for years, but these are really special. They are a bit more delicate, so use care with them, but they are really eye catching and I love wearing them and giving them away. I have ordered both gold and silver in the past. I place them in a bowl and it's interesting to see how an individual knows that they specifically want one or the other, and will dig to find what they want.
By: Carol Marie
Inserted: 9/22/2012

It was a pleasant surprise to see precious hands. I wear my feet on everything. Feel like I'm missing something when I don't. When I discovered the precious hands I was excited to try one. It will be a great addition to my wardrobe. Thanks for offering them.
By: Mary Deming
Inserted: 9/9/2012

You REALLY want to get attention? Wear Precious Hands. Adults & children are drawn to them...perhaps even more so than the feet. They seem to be reaching out & people respond. They ask questions & when you explain that these are what a baby's hands look like when only 10 wks old, still in the womb, their faces look awe-struck.
By: Julia
Inserted: 9/4/2012

These are well-made. Because of their small size, they encourage people to come up closer to see what the jewelry is. This allows for a good explanation of the development of the baby in the womb.
By: Maria Murphree
Inserted: 8/29/2012

These are the neetest products..EVER..! The Precious Hands are so beautifully detailed and they reach out to everyone for impassioned response.."here I am"..and "notice me"..clarifying the loss of one tiny life....remebered. I usually wear two..and give one or more away..I also keep some in my pocket. I love the gold so much I had to get the silver too!
By: Mia Archer
Inserted: 8/23/2012

If you, like me, like wearing the precious feet then you will like these too! It is nice to change up to get more comments so more chances to share pro-life message. They are really cute and I got in both silver and gold. They wear really well and are inexpensive enough to get a couple extra to give away.
By: Susan
Inserted: 8/19/2012

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