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Group Fetal Models, 11-14 Week Models
Item Baby Innocence
Item Number 7523BI
Material Resin
Material Color Pink
Process Machine Mold
Size 3W x 2.5H x 0.5T
Weight 1.1 Oz.
24/7 Pro-Life Nurse Chat Line: 100% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to provide 24/7 pro-life nurse chat for abortion-vulnerable women. Thank you! Learn more here.
The Baby Innocence fetal model is an exquisitely crafted creation from world famous doll designer Yolanda Bello. Yolanda's heart is truly with the unborn children of the world. Her desire is that children could be saved through her sculpting. Baby Innocence is a reminder for us to pray for the safety of the unborn. 12 Week.


Customer Reviews

Oh, this exceptionally detailed and peacefully sleeping 12 week baby model is tucked inside an ornate miniature box on my end table. I have colorfully painted the outside with 12 week feet, "Precious One" and rainbows to invite anyone visiting to open it and discover it's contents. There she is laying on some white batting looking as though she's sleeping on a cloud. There are gestation cards inside the lid ready for the taking. I have been able to have wonderful pro-life discussions with friends and kids that have opened that box and held such a treasure. Thank you Heritage House for making such discussions possible, changing lives and saving babies. Thank you too for the excellent pricing for such a masterpiece.
By: Lynae
Inserted: 12/31/2018

We feel very blessed to have Baby Innocence available to use in our pro-life work. She is beautifully made. The detail makes her very attractive. We use her in our street ministry, and folks of all ages find her quite attractive and are amazed at the detail.
By: Linda
Inserted: 12/29/2018

This baby is so realistic and life like. I am giving it to my Pro-Life OB/GYN husband to use at his office. This baby is worth a thousands words.
By: Teresa Parker
Inserted: 6/11/2014

Beautiful model. The one I purchased was given to a woman healing from an abortion years ago. The other softer models are great for class give-a-ways, but the details on this one makes a precious keepsake.
By: Gwenn
Inserted: 5/21/2014

Baby Innocence came in the mail today. I was shocked at her tiny size, but the detail is amazing. She's so sweet! Wonderful product.
By: Rio
Inserted: 2/7/2014

These babies are the latest addition to my pro-life ministry. The workers at our local CPC and the nurses at my doctor's office were absolutely astonished at the craftsmanship. One of the nurses actually asked, "Do you mean that they are that well developed at that age?"
By: John Caviness
Inserted: 1/2/2014

These baby models are solid and can be held in a person's hand. They are a powerful testimony. I much prefer these models as opposed to the cheaper ones, both because of the model's beauty and the artistry!
By: Matt
Inserted: 11/9/2013

So powerful! I lent one of these to my upset and pregnant patient: she smiled and cried at the same time. Thanks to this, her baby was born in her heart.
By: Daniela
Inserted: 10/14/2013

We absolutely love this baby; he comes with me every day while sidewalk counseling, but I'm very afraid of dropping him because of the material he is made of. It would be perfect if they could make it in a different more resistant material.
By: Mariana Schroeder
Inserted: 9/25/2013

Love this little baby. Very detailed and animated. Turn it over and it is just as detailed. Makes a huge impact when held in palm.
By: Patti Smith
Inserted: 7/11/2013

I just purchased one of these little ones. I am not disappointed! I have lost 4 babies around 12 weeks, so this precious keepsake is very special and meaningful to me. I am purchasing another to use as a give-away in an upcoming auction for our ministry - www.perfectjoyministries.com. Beautiful work!
By: Holly
Inserted: 4/10/2013

We are a new pregnancy center with limited resources so buying a whole set of fetal models was out of the question. We opted for this single model as most clients come to us 10-12 weeks into their pregnancy. Even if they haven't yet accepted their pregnancy, when they hold this in their hand, a smile always comes to their face. Very good quality, visually appealing.
By: Jo-Anne
Inserted: 3/9/2013

I use this realistic model to pass around to my students in my Health Education class when we cover social issues, including abortion. I send home one of the less expensive models but this one really gets the humanity of the 10-12 week old baby even better and is a great educational tool.
By: Connie
Inserted: 1/3/2013

These are our favorite babies! Very high quality & beautiful! Everyone wants one! Buy in bulk for better pricing. Highly recommend!
By: Mary Battis
Inserted: 10/26/2012

This baby is absolutely precious! We use the display at our booth at local events and everyone loves to pick it up and hold it. It's amazing to see such tiny details in his features.
By: Angela
Inserted: 8/20/2012

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