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Group Promotional, Posters
Item Poster (24 X 30)
Item Number 503NM
Material Coverstock
Process Process Printing
Imprint Color Full-Color
Imprinted With Gloss Coated
Size 24W x 30H x 0.05T
Weight 0.94 Oz.
Description: All nine months of life in the womb illustrated on one 24" x 30" poster.


Customer Reviews

We hung this up on our church bulletin board so people could see the development of the child. It really puts a face to the precious unborn!
By: Sue Daly
Inserted: 8/17/2014

The posters are incredible! I love the graphics, color and quality. I wish I had a card handout that is of the same images and info. Excellent price for the quality of these posters and you get 9 months not just one. They're a lot thicker than typical posters. This is a great buy. To think everyday little babies at each of the stages on the posters are being aborted. It's beyond reproach. All that they were, all that they were meant to be and everything they could've been is gone forever. And for what? These posters say everything they need to say about the precious life in the womb. These will be on an easel in my class when I give my presentation. What makes them great is the information on the posters are great guides during a class presentation. Perfect..
By: Tawnya Maddox
Inserted: 4/22/2014

We love this poster! We have it in our room where we perform ultrasounds. We are able to show the women and their families the developmental milestones of their baby! It is a very valuable tool that is used in conjunction with services provided to help the family connect and bond with their unborn child! It is very eye appealing and opens yet another opportunity to share God's truth about life that begins at conception!
By: Jaleen
Inserted: 1/2/2014

These posters are terrific and should never cease to be available! What's so cool about them (beyond how beautiful they are - high quality prints of original watercolor paintings) is that with just a $40 investment and an easel, your Respect Life group (even if you're the only member!) can have a very pleasing, educational, prominent, low-key, low-maintenance presence in your church - for an entire 9 months! Just unveil a new poster each month - and you're already going to church anyway so little time involved. There's no reference to abortion on the posters, just amazing and nicely presented information about everybody's prenatal development. Each minth, highlight in your bulletin the new poster and some of the milestones of development for that age. I highly suggest refer to it as the Life Before Birth educational poster project, ie the key is the first 3 words, Life Before Birth, because that properly and helpfully frames what you're showing. We ordered about 20 sets of posters some years back and distributed them to Knights of Columbus at other parishes, among evangelical churches, etc. They've been used over and over again and can be used in conjunction with Spiritual Adoption of a baby in danger of abortion. Ideal to cap the 9 months with a parish Baby Shower, balloons for the kids, cake. You can consider switching to the photographic posters of development offered by HH after a successful run at your church with these softer, still realistic artist's rendition of life before birth. Suggest mounting on poster board (50 cents at the dollar store) and placing on an easel for prominent display. Gaining permission to display this has been "like taking candy from a baby" - universally easy.
By: Patricia
Inserted: 1/7/2013

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