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Title: Touch of Life Cleaning Instructions

Type: PDF

Inserted: 8/18/2012

Description: Contains the recommended methods of cleaning the rubber used for Touch of Life Fetal Models.

Group Fetal Models, Touch of Life, Main Set
Item Brown
Item Number 7553TL
Material Rubber
Material Color Brown
Process Hand Made
Length 13
Size 13W x 13H x 4.5T
Weight 124 Oz.
Includes 12(14LMP), 16(18 Lmp), 22 (24 LMP), and 26 (28 LMP)
Reviewed Physician Approved
Description: Touch of Life in ethnic brown color. No photo can show you the reaction of people when they hold these models. Touch of Life II is more detailed, more accurate and feels more natural than the original. The baby's weight and the feeling of the skin is so real that people want to cuddle and protect them. Just like a real preborn, they recoil when you move their features. Their care even includes an occasional powdering, just like real babies. Everyone responds positively to these models, especially children. The Touch of Life Models are a must for all CPC's and are very effective at fairs. Kids just love these babies. Available in three ethnic skin tones. The white, black and brown models cover most large ethnic groups in our country. Sculpted by Dennis Lynn.


Customer Reviews

Couldn’t give these enough stars!!! The babies look so cute, and they feel so real! I’ve always wanted these since I was a little girl, and now I’ve just gotten them recently! They make you want to just hug them and cuddle them, just like a real baby. They are so special to me. Thank you for such a great product!
By: Noelle
Inserted: 9/13/2021

Plan a trip to be with Christian medical professionals in a country where shipping from the USA is very expensive and/or unreliable. Find out what fetal models are needed, buy them, and fill your suitcases. Fill nooks, crannies, and carry-ons with The Precious Ones (protect in ziploks). Every fetal model has big potential.
By: Kevin
Inserted: 12/12/2018

I have seen these models at Pro Life exhibits, and they are very useful to explain the message of life and stages of pregnancy. I use these models to teach the importance of life vs abortion.
By: Lolis
Inserted: 6/1/2014

We love these models. We use them to teach senior high girls about fertility and fetal development. They so enjoy picking them up and holding them. It helps them see that a baby inside the womb is just as much of a baby and as precious as one outside of the womb.
By: Amanda
Inserted: 5/1/2014

The fetal models are a great source for our prolife pregnancy medical clinic to use when trying to educate moms and dads about the development stages of their unborn babies. These fetal models are very life-like. No matter what age person is looking at these models, they are always emotionally touched by Life!
By: Krys
Inserted: 2/25/2014

Our local (pro-life) women's center shows these at health fairs. They are so life like. I like these better than the older style (showing the womb.) They do tend to get sticky with handling, but baby powder fixes that.
By: Shelby Co RTL
Inserted: 9/26/2013

Recently, I exhibited these models at a convention, and both young and old alike were drawn to them, especially children. Little girls did not want to put them down; and, although parents attempted to pass by the exhibit without stopping, inevitably, their children would tug on the parent's arm, pulling mom and dad along over to see the models. Incredibly effective.
By: A.D.
Inserted: 8/28/2013

Our counselors and clients LOVE these! We have two sets - a brown (the black is too "black" - brown is closer to African American) and white. We put half & half in each box - one in Pregnancy Test room and one in counseling room. That way - all races can "relate".
By: Karen
Inserted: 8/16/2013

There is no better resource for the fair than this. All ages are attracted to these, especially teen girls. Moms who are expecting or lost a baby also come and hold the little ones and share about theirs. We encourage people to hold them. Highly recommended.
By: Nora
Inserted: 8/16/2013

Invest in these for pro-life street evangelism! I used these in Dallas, Texas with incredible results. The babies do all the work!!! I had a captive audience, and the models help start a conversation with the women. In the year of 2012 there were 869 turnaways from the five abortion centers.
By: Joanne
Inserted: 7/29/2013

I have a teen prevention and intervention program that teaches young people about choices. I saw this product at an event and absolutely knew that I had to have it for my program to be more effective. To touch the models and hold them made such an impact on adults and teens that were present.
By: Marie Horn
Inserted: 6/9/2013

Touch of Life fetal models speak very well to young children and teenagers, I find. I bring these to show my Confirmation students and they love learning about fetal development with this hands-on tool. Great way to show the humanity of the unborn.
By: Kim
Inserted: 4/13/2013

We use these for sidewalk counseling and in our parish to show all the details of the babies at that weeks gestation. Amazing what people say when they see them.
By: Alana
Inserted: 2/17/2013

I love the babies!!! My mom got them for me for Christmas. This was one of the best gifts ever because I have always wanted them!! My favorite is 30 weeks because of the baby sucking his thumb. People always ask about them to which is a great way to explain how the unborn children develop!!
By: TiJah
Inserted: 1/26/2013

After one weekend using our first set, we are buying a second set in brown because these are so effective! They attract people to our table who would otherwise walk past. Even more beautiful when you see them up close. Amazing detail in face. Love the thumb sucking baby!
By: Rose Froula
Inserted: 1/15/2013

These fetal models have been so helpful in the counseling room to give our clients something they can touch to help them to relate to the baby growing in their womb. Also, they are a magnet for our information tables. We literally see them catch an eye and draw people over who would not have otherwise stopped. Children love them. They provide great teaching moments to introduce the sanctity of human life from an early age.
By: Catherine
Inserted: 12/14/2012

What an awesome learning tool! We use it at our center to educate adults and children alike. We have one in every counseling room and we have an extra box to take and display at community booths.
By: Chris
Inserted: 11/14/2012

Invest in these for pro-life street evangelism! I used these in Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens with incredible results. The babies do all the work!!! I had a captive audience, and the models help get a conversation going about God!
By: Julie Beyel
Inserted: 10/31/2012

I have been familiar with this set for many years. My congregation and I work very closely with First Choice Pregnancy Services in Las Vegas, NV, one of, if not the busiest CPC in the US. We will be using these fine models as we stand in the gap to rescue babies and parents from death and injury at Nevada's #1 late term abortion center just 75 yards from First Choice. These models often melt the heart of abortion minded mothers. We highly recommend them.
By: Pastor Wally Smith
Inserted: 10/14/2012

This set is excellent and one of my favorites. We recommended it for a pro life group in Mexico and they are ordering one set. Children are amazed when they see them at a-pro life table and they get the parents attention too.
By: Rosie Smith
Inserted: 10/11/2012

These models have been such a blessing to our group. As we present these to children, we ask them, "Do these look like babies to you?" Of course they respond yes they do, and we have them promise us that they will always protect life in all its stages! They are a great asset to our group!
By: Kayla Kessinger
Inserted: 9/21/2012

Our Respect Life Committee has these available at our festival and the children always are impressed when we tell them that that is the size of a real baby in the mom's tummy. They want to hold it and look at all the features. We hope they remember how perfectly they are formed and how like a baby they are if anyone tries to tell them it is just a blob of tissue.
By: Carol Bielejeski
Inserted: 9/18/2012

These models are amazing! Soft to the touch, with life-like weight, they never fail to draw in passers-bye to our booth. Children love to hold & powder them! We get so many questions about fetal development each time we have these babies out.
By: Dawn
Inserted: 9/18/2012

We use this display at our info booth tables along with a set of small fetal models for holding. The large display case draws attention - especially of the young - which draws their parents to the info booth.
By: Shelley
Inserted: 9/16/2012

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