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Group EWYL, Resources
Item Spanish EWYL Literature Refill Pack
Item Number 9330SR
Weight 8 Lbs.
Description: Literature for EWYL Customers to refill their literature for the Spanish Curriculum Pack.
Set contains 50 copies of the brochures and 10 of the booklets.

Titles included at 50 copies are:
*Your Newborn's Emotions (item no. 986YB-S)
*Your Baby Learns From Every Experience (item no. 985EE-S)
*Coming Home with Your Baby (item no. 987TY-S)
*Smoking and Pregnancy (item no. 9350SP-S)
*Potty Training (item no. 9460PT-S)
*Baby Bathing Basics (item no. 9467BS-S)
*Why Breastfeeding is Best (item no. 9470WB-S)
*How to Breastfeed (item no. 9471HB-S)
*Problems and Solutions (item no. 9472BP-S)
*Formula Feeding (item no. 9473FF-S)
*Immunizations (item no. 9488IM-S)
*Domestic Violence (item no. 9986DV-S)
*The Importance of Nurturing (item no. 992NY-S)
*When Your Baby Cries (item no. 989EI-S)
*Caring for Your body After (item no. 990YB-S)
*Your Ultrasound(item no. 9354YU-S)
*Watching for Abuse (item no. 9459KW-S)
*Introduction to Solid Foods (item no. 9466SF-S)
*Car Seat Saftety (item no. 9469CS-s)
*Postpartum Depression/Baby Blues (9389PP-S)
*Baby Illnesses (item no. 9468BS-S)

Titles included at 10 copies are:
*First Nine Months (item no. 9993NM-S)
Normal Retail Price $165.00.


Customer Reviews

I used these materials with the Earn While You Learn program when I worked at the pregnancy center. I feel they are well written, the messages are clear and helpful. Great Program.
By: Pam Thomas
Inserted: 11/2/2012

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