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Group Jewelry, Pro-Life Awareness
Item PACK (50): Life is Precious
Item Number 1980LI-P
Material Silicone
Material Color White
Process Debossed
Size 8W x 0.375H
Weight 8.62 Oz.
Pack Pricing Mix-n-Match only in pack sizes.
Pack Size 50
Description: The "Life is Precious" bracelet takes a stand for Life using the popular rubber-band format (Similar to Lance Armstong's Live Strong bracelets). Colored white to be both a symbol of the purity of the unborn child and to stand out from other campaigns, these bands are perfect for starting a conversation about the sanctity of human life. They include the debossed shape and size of unborn baby's feet at 10-weeks old and the words "Life is Precious". They will last for years and fit any teen or adult. Use them as a fundraiser, hand-outs, or just as a conversation starter. Bracelets are 8 inches circumference. SOLD IN PACKS OF 50 ONLY.


Customer Reviews

The Life is Precious bracelet is one of our many Heritage House giveaways used at the County Fair. Participants play a Right to Life rendition of 'PLINKO' and win a pro life item. The bracelets are a favorite. It's rewarding to see the bracelets on the wrists of the fair goers!
By: Cathe
Inserted: 12/31/2018

I have used these as giveaways for my pro-life booth at my county fair. They were very popular. They are very well made. I wear mine all the time. I plan to give these away at my church's prayer gathering in January for the Anniversary of Roe vs Wade.
By: Mary Caldera
Inserted: 12/31/2018

These bracelets are always a big hit at outreach events, like our county fair with children, youth, adults and older adults alike! People love to wear this important message that “life is precious.”
By: Melanie
Inserted: 12/29/2018

We have distributed these bracelets at our parish carnival booth for the last 2 or 3 years. They are attractive and durable and are popular with both adults and teens.
By: Marilyn Dieball
Inserted: 12/29/2018

These are very popular with the youth at our church. I don't find them to be too small at all, either for youths or adults. I like the blue print on the white background. Easy to see the message!
By: Jane
Inserted: 12/29/2018

We have used these for years at our annual 5K. People love them!
By: Jamie Mather
Inserted: 9/11/2014

I just order this item for Respect Life month to raise awareness among the youth of our church. I work at a Pregnancy Center and we have been giving these bracelets. They are popular and good quality!
By: Patricia
Inserted: 9/10/2014

I have worn this bracelet and found it a great way to spread the message of the sanctity of life. I gave them out at our parish festival also.
By: Betty Quinn
Inserted: 7/31/2014

Very durable. Great for pro-life events and things like cemetery of the innocents. They were also very popular among adolescents. It reminds them of the beauty of life, but it's not an in-your-face way of doing it.
By: Elly
Inserted: 1/24/2014

One of the most liked items by our prolife activists, children and adults. Great material. Only thing is it doesn't fit men perfectly, more of a woman's size. Love it.
By: Ana Maria
Inserted: 1/22/2014

These are very popular among the preteens and teens who stop at my booth during our annual fall festival.
By: John Caviness
Inserted: 12/31/2013

Our pro-life leader in the community gave me a green bracelet with the same message 8 years ago and I have been wearing it until now. I could not go out the house without this bracelet! A fitting reminder to defend life! I'm ordering this bracelet to share during the 40 Days for Life 2013 Fall campaign.
By: Rommel G
Inserted: 9/28/2013

I have one that I have worn for years ... at least 10. It is yellow with age but it is still a conversation starter.
By: Nancy
Inserted: 7/30/2013

These are great! The kids and teenagers love them. They are a great way to spread the message and are a great price! We always keep these on hand for prizes and at fair booths, etc. We have even handed them out at Halloween! They are strong, too, the kids don't tear them out at all.
By: Kanda
Inserted: 6/4/2013

These bracelets are loved by people of all ages. I try to keep a supply on hand to give out to my prolife teen group, and I can't keep them "in stock". The kids always want more to share with their friends!
By: Jacque
Inserted: 5/23/2013

We have used this bracelet at our local county fair booth for the last 4 years. They are a wonderful draw to our booth and conversation starter about LIFE & the significance of the baby feet.
By: Ducia
Inserted: 5/23/2013

These are a staple at our pro-life church events. They last forever, which is great. But they're not as popular as they once were.
By: Cathy
Inserted: 3/23/2013

We are giving these out on SOHL Sunday. People always seem to like these bracelets.
By: RosemaryJ
Inserted: 1/8/2013

We gave these out at the CPC when we would set up booths at the health fairs. Everyone loved wearing them.
By: Sherry
Inserted: 11/27/2012

These are an excellent tool to use to share the pro-life message. Even my husband is wearing one!
By: Diane
Inserted: 9/16/2012

These are a hit with adults and our church youth. They are given when we have prolife events and are requested by others who envy those that have them.
By: Pat
Inserted: 9/4/2012

I gave my friend this bracelet, and she loved it. It contains two powerful messages: "LIFE IS PRECIOUS" and the two baby feet, which are great conversation starters. I have several of these that I will pass out at pro-life events on campus, along with the blue PROLIFE bracelets. The price is very reasonable for the quality of the product.
By: Charlotte
Inserted: 9/2/2012

We have used these at fairs for years. The youth and adults both love them. I get people to take a prolife quiz by giving them one of these.
By: susan
Inserted: 8/26/2012

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