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Group Fetal Models, Touch of Life, Baby Eve
Item Baby Eve - White
Item Number 7554TL-20
Material Rubber
Material Color Pink
Process Hand Made
Size 8W x 8H x 3T
Weight 29 Oz.
Includes Baby Eve, Display Box
Description: Heritage House is proud to introduce the newest baby in our Touch of Life fetal models. Baby Eve is a 20-week post conception (22-week LMP) model designed specifically to show the amazing detail of unborn babies at this important moment. The 20-week date is vital as many states are trying to or have already passed legislation prohibiting abortion after the 20th week. Yet, as you can see, by the 20th week, the baby is amazingly well formed and beautiful! Certainly state legislatures can see the humanity of this life as they feel the truth in their hands. While banning abortions after the 20th week is important, Baby Eve shows the humanity of that little child that has already grown into such a wonderful child. The truth on display is that any baby developing in the womb needs the same protection. Baby Eve has medically accurate shape, weight, and feel. Baby Eve comes in a display box. Included inside is a description of Baby Eve and information on the developmental milestones of the baby.


Customer Reviews

Baby Eve is so precious! I have two of her! I bought one as a model to display and one for myself as a comfort baby. She is absolutely perfect. The material is like a firm marshmallow in your hands - so satisfying to hold and snuggle! A great bonding experience if you're pregnant!
By: Monika L
Inserted: 5/26/2021

Baby Eve is so precious! I'm so glad I got her to add a hands on experience for the people who visit my pro-life booth at the county fair. The little girls especially love holding her. People have told me the fetal models really make it clear the humanity of the unborn. The models are very well made along with being true to life & size.
By: Mary Caldera
Inserted: 12/31/2018

This is a great, "must have", item for those who want to spread the pro-life message without saying a lot. Just ask someone to hold the model and the model does the work. It is powerful. Not only is it the size of a 20-week baby in the womb, but it is the correct weight (a little less than 2 pounds). Feeling the weight of the model seems to stun people into an awakening.
By: John Koch
Inserted: 12/29/2018

All other Fetal Models have been used to teach children and adults the sanctity of Life in our diocese. This one will be my personal teaching tool because I joined in the fight in our state for a Fetal Pain Bill at 5 months and and we won!
By: Gail Kleinschmidt
Inserted: 9/5/2014

Our diocese has presented to youth and adults all other Heritage Fetal models in assorted skin colors they kindly arranged for all ethnicities. LIFE presentations take on a new dimension as all appreciate the full beauty of the unborn child.
By: Gail Kleinschmidt
Inserted: 9/5/2014

This is one of the newer items we have bought and have used it in a couple of booths. It definitely attracts attention and is beautiful. We could afford two complete sets and at times we have two booths at different places So this one can be at one booth while the other booth has the other set. This has worked very well for us. With the fair coming up we plan to have both at our both one on each end. With all the news about the 20 week /feeling pain this is a must have to demonstrate the size and attributes of the baby at this stage of life. This visual leads to many informative discussions with fair goers.
By: Kanda Mowbray
Inserted: 7/24/2014

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