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Group Baby Bottles
Item PACK (120): Encore Donation Bottle, Children are a
Item Number E152CG-P
Material Polypropylene
Material Color Clear
Process Screen Printed
Imprint Color 5-color
Length 10 oz.
Size 2.75W x 7H
Weight 272 Oz.
Pack Pricing Mix-n-Match only in pack sizes.
Pack Size 120
Description: ORDER IN 120 CASE QUANTITIES - Bottles shipping outside the 48 contiguous states require additional shipping charges (normally about 40%-50% of the bottle costs). If you are in HI, AK, or PR or outside the contiguous states, please call to place your order over the phone. Orders placed on the internet will be cancelled.
Are you tired of sending bottles out and never getting them back? Have you seen your donations diminish and your per-bottle returns go down? And have you ever tried to shake coins out of a standard size bottle? Is losing the lids, nipples and rings a bit too much for a simple bottle? Perhaps you have even experienced a bottle avalanche when someone bumps your table accidentally.
Heritage House has been working hard on all of these issues and we are excited to introduce the new Encore Donation Bottles. The Encore Donation Bottles are designed to perform for your organization again and again as they come back with more donations more of the time.
Here are just some of the reasons to use Encore Donation Bottles:
  •  YOUR BOTTLES COME BACK! Encore Donation Bottles are made specifically for baby bottle fundraisers and cannot be appropriated for use as formula bottles.
  •  EASY TO EMPTY AND FILL! Encore Donation Bottles have a wide-mouth opening for easy access to the contents of the bottle. And the new slot in the lid makes it simple for your donors to add cash, checks, or coins.
  •  BRING IN MORE FUNDS! Encore Donation Bottles are 20% Larger than standard bottles. Combine this with the increased return rate and your fundraising will increase dramatically.
  •  THEY STAY TOGETHER! Each Encore Donation Bottle has only two parts - the lid and the bottle. The ring and nipple are a single piece that doesn't separate. No more lost lids or nipples.
  •  KEEP THEM UPRIGHT! Putting out empty bottles for pick-up can be a challenge as they tip so easily. These new wide bottles are easy to put out and they won't fall over.

We know that pro-life organizations love the Baby Bottle Fundraiser but there are a few issues that can cause big problems. We wanted to make a bottle that would increase your donations, bring up your bottle returns, and generally make the bottle campaign easier. We believe we have done that in our new Encore Donation Bottles.
The new Encore Donation Bottles are designed to come back to be reused in campaign after campaign. They are molded with a hard single piece nipple and ring and have a handy coin & cash slot which makes it easy to add funds - and it makes it impossible to use as a regular bottle. In other words, more Encore Donation Bottles come back because they don't work as formula bottles. In addition, we have added an encouragement on each design to return the bottles. The simple words, "Please return this bottle so we can continue helping those in need" makes the point clearly and without shame. Returning the bottle is vital to your ministry and we are there to help you get them back.
The Encore Donation Bottles are designed with fundraising in mind. For just a few pennies more you can have bottles that will bring in almost twice as much over the lifetime of the bottle. For example, if you purchased 1,000 smaller bottles you would expect to get 80% of them returned after each campaign with an average of $22/bottle. The average bottle would last 3.5 campaigns and bring in $47. The new Encore Donation Bottles almost double that! If you purchased 1,000 Encore Donation Bottles you would expect to get 85% of them returned after each campaign with an average of $26/bottle. The average bottle would last 4.5 campaigns and bring in $76. That means, for about $0.30 more per bottle, you will bring in more than $29 over the lifetime of a single bottle!

Item expected on 1/24/2023

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Art Fee
11oz Encore Bottle (8-10 wks)
11oz Encore Bottle (8-10 wks)
11oz Encore Bottle (8-10 wks)
11oz Encore Bottle (8-10 wks)
11oz Encore Bottle (8-10 wks)

Customer Reviews

Durable, and much easier to get coins out of the bottles.
By: Dottie Mershon
Inserted: 11/2/2020

Our churches love these bottles. They are easier to put their money into and they hold more.
By: Dee Keeling
Inserted: 12/31/2018

Love these bottles
By: Kim Carter
Inserted: 12/18/2018

We have finished our "Change 4 Babies" campaign!! It was fun to stand back at my church and here the comments on the bottles. " Oh, Look how cute it is! Oh, look at this there is a slot for the coins! It looks like a bank!" My volunteers were just as excited when the bottles were emptied quickly with checks and currency removed easily. So I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for the new bottles design.
By: Becky
Inserted: 8/18/2016

Heritage House has been an amazing resource for us since we opened our center doors October 2007. We just collected over $21,000 in our baby bottle program from Mother's Day to Father's Day. That's up 14% from last year, as we collected $18,500. This is the first year we have used the Encore Baby Bottles. I feel it really made a difference with the larger design and the donors seemed to love the coin slot in the top. God bless your ministry.
By: Lori
Inserted: 8/12/2016

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