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Group EWYL, Updates
Item Main Curriculum Updates 2017
Item Number 7601EWYL-M17
Size 11W x 8H x 5T
Weight 104 Oz.
Description: New! This year, we have made 12 vital updates in the EWYL Main Curriculum. covering subjects from CPR to SIDS, these new lessons and DVDs are an important purchase for your center. The DVDs are all new and produced specifically to reach your clients with information that is accessible as well as targeted to create greater relationships. Each DVD is documented, researched and produced by the professional production company, True to Life, just for you and your clients.
The cost of custom DVD production is very high, and each DVD is $89.95. but, if you purchase the upgrade, you will save over 50% and you will receive the lessons for free!
Update includes the following DVD's:
77974BB: Big Belly Mom Hacks
77985BB: Bonding With Your Unborn Baby
77976BM: Baby On The Move
77971CS: Car Seat Safety
77980CP: Infant CPR
77975NU: Infant Nurtition
77978PC: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
77979SD: SIDS
77972SD: Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs, and Pregnancy
77973EM: The Emotions of Pregnancy
77977UA: Your Ultrasound Appointment
9469CS: Car Seat Safety
9466SF: Introduction to Solid Foods
9459KW: Watching For Abuse
9354YU: Your Ultrasound
All 12 lessons will be on a disc.Lessons are as follows:
Lesson 1.4 Your Ultrasound Appointment
Lesson 2.2 Emotions Of Pregnancy
Lesson 2.4 Bonding With Your Unborn Baby
Lesson 3.4 Big Belly Mom Hacks
Lesson 6.1 Going It Alone
Lesson 6.3 Smoking/Drinking Drugs
Lesson 7.3 Car Seat Safety
Lesson 7.5 Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
Lesson 8.2 SIDS
Lesson 8.4 Infant CPR
Lesson 9.1 Infant Nutrition
Lesson 9.2 Baby On The Move
Printed Lessons: You may purchase the printed lessons already in protective sleeves by searching for item 7601EWYL-M17P


Customer Reviews

This upgrade is essential to a Center's main curriculum. Lots of updated information, more current and relevant people, and some great new DVD's. One of the hits here is "Big Belly Mom Hacks" and several clients have recommended it to their friends!
By: ML Redinger
Inserted: 1/25/2019

We love the upgrades that have been made! Our clients have really enjoyed that they were able to use the internet for some of their homework in Big Belly Mom Hacks. Our clients consistently tell us that the videos are "helpful" and they look forward to watching them.
By: Jenice Bennett
Inserted: 1/17/2019

Thank you for updating people in content. Though some of the topics are difficult to address such as preventing child sexual abuse. The information is relevant. Some of the content of the preventing child sexual abuse has triggered our clients with memories, which makes it difficult for some to complete this lesson. Unfortunately due to the graphic nature, we have had some clients stop in the middle of their lesson and not finish.
By: Rachel Shetterly
Inserted: 1/14/2019

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