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Group EWYL, Updates
Item Parenting PACK, 2019 Upgrade
Item Number 7601EWYL-P19
Size 11W x 8H x 3T
Weight 256 Oz.
Description: The ten new videos went through an extensive process of physician review, client audience reviews, pre/post testing, peer reviews and more. We did all of this with one purpose in mind – to help you reach your clients with truth that can save and change lives. The end results are videos you, and your clients, are going to love. When you purchase the upgrade we will send you a CD containing all the updated lessons or you can choose the printed add-on below. Plus, you save over 39% when you purchase the upgrade (as compared to buying individual DVDs). If you want to reach clients of the new generation, this is the upgrade you need.
Update includes the following DVD's:
78414PF: Creating Motivation
78415PG: Creating Honesty
78416PH: Creating Courage
78417PJ: Creating Kindness
78418PK: Creating Confidence
78420SB: Autism
78421SC: Strong Willed Child
78422SD: Child Anger
78423SE: Sexual Behavior in Children

All 10 lessons as pdfs are on a CD as follows:
Lesson 4.1: Creating Motivation
Lesson 4.2: Creating Honesty
Lesson 4.3: Creating Courage
Lesson 4.4: Creating Kindness
Lesson 4.5: Creating Confidence
Lesson 5.1: ADD/ADHD
Lesson 5.2: Autism
Lesson 5.3: Strong Willed
Lesson 5.4: Child Anger
Lesson 5.5: Sexual Behavior in Children >br> 
Printed Lessons: You may purchase the printed lessons already in protective sleeves by searching for item 7601EWYL-P19P



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