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Group EWYL, Updates
Item Special Circumstances Updates 2019
Item Number 7601EWYL-S19
Size 12W x 11H x 3T
Weight 104 Oz.
Description: Making a simple, clear, and culturally compelling case for sex to be practiced inside of marriage is no small task. These five lessons bring the truth to light in a format that your clients will love. The interviews and true-life presentation will make a difference as they watch and relate to the stories of others like them. The end result is information that relates to their minds, hearts and souls in a way that will create action and change.
Sexual conversations have changed drastically in the last decade. Our culture, steeped in pornography and childhood sexualization has embraced overt sexual experimentation and expression. At the same time, these shifts have created a wide rejection of marriage and monogamy. The damage from these changes is inflicted on young people who choose to do the very thing that hurts them so deeply. Another cultural change that matters to educators everywhere is the role of videos in our daily lives. YouTube has become a dominating phenomenon as younger generations consume over 17 hours of video a week. This has caused rapid change in video production and, unfortunately, led to a huge number of obsolete and unrelatable abstinence videos.
This new Sexual Health series meets both of these challenges with integrity and creativity. Each video builds a foundation for sexual health through exploring its right role as a part of a marriage relationship. The powerful up-to-date documented statistics and viewer-centric approach is combined with a presentation method that reaches the YouTube generation. This allows the users to understand and apply true principles without being distracted by old video styles. And each video has been physician approved and audience tested with full-feedback incorporation for lessons that will make an impact.
What is included?
Each lesson can be used independently of the others or they can be used as a group of five. They all include worksheets, homework and discussion questions organized in the new module S4. The lessons are organized as follows:
1. Sex and You (spiritual): Sex connects partners together physically, emotionally and spiritually. This lesson gives an overview of what sex is and how multiple partners can bring about pain in all three areas of their lives.
2. The Heart of the Matter (spiritual): The spiritual aspects of sex are often ignored but the consequences are real. What does God think about sex and why should that matter to me?
3. STD/STI Avoidance (non-spiritual): The physical results of multiple sexual partners is well documented and disturbing. This lesson makes it clear that sex is best in a monogamous relationship using the latest STD/STI statistics.
4. Choosing Marriage (non-spiritual): This lesson lays out the best choice you can make as a young woman; either choose marriage or put the sex on hold until marriage. Statistics, reason, and experience all point to the truth that this lesson makes clear.
5. Making the Commitment (spiritual): How do you make that choice to keep sex in marriage? What does that look like and what are the possible problems? This lesson walks through the process with both ideas and advice.



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