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Group Literature, Abortion/Pro-Life, Fetal Development
Item PACK (50): Milestones of Early Life
Item Number 9438MS-P
Format Tri-Fold
Material 80# Text
Process Process Printing
Imprinted With Gloss Coated
Length 1 Pgs.
Size 11W x 8.5H x 0.01T
Weight 12.9 Oz.
Pack Pricing Mix-n-Match only in pack sizes.
Pack Size 50
Reviewed Physician Approved
Description: For decades, Milestones of Early Life has been one of the most effective and most used pro-life brochures ever offered. It is accurate, authoritative, and documented. Each fact is backed up by the newest research available from world renowned embryologists, developmental biologists, and researchers in the field, and is fully footnoted. The incredible story of human development from documented scientific evidence. SOLD IN PACKS OF 50 ONLY.


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8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color

Customer Reviews

This brochure offers clients and those interested a wonderful overview of the development of the baby. The actual photos vividly show just how wonderful this developing life is!
By: Karla
Inserted: 1/2/2019

This brochure showing fetal development in great detail is an excellent teaching tool. Over the years I have used it both in my classroom and in street ministry. It provides a visual aid far superior to mere words. Thank you for providing such a wonderful tool for prolife ministry.
By: Linds
Inserted: 12/29/2018

This brochure is a favorite at our PRC! We give it to our clients and hand them out at events and share them with Students for Life so they can hand them out too.
By: Mari
Inserted: 9/4/2014

I display this wonderful brochure at my parish and use it for sidewalk ministry.
By: Betty Quinn
Inserted: 7/31/2014

This is an excellent educational summary of human development. I carry several different brochures when I speak publicly for my resource table and this is one of them. Highly recommend!
By: Nicole Cooley
Inserted: 7/27/2014

I love using this for sidewalk counseling. It is comprehensive as it goes through the milestones of early life. The text and pictures are excellent as it is informative and moving. Great to use while you explain life in the womb.
By: Sean M.
Inserted: 5/14/2014

This is a great pamphlet. We display it at our parish and on our Respect Life table for Respect Life Sunday. It really helps everyone to be aware of how the unborn child develops.
By: Carol Rice
Inserted: 5/6/2014

I hand these out when I pray & counsel at the abortion center in Glendale, Az. Very effective at getting their attention-women going in for information and abortions. Shows them that there is indeed a life growing and not a blob of tissue.
By: Patsy Stender
Inserted: 4/13/2014

These pamphlets are beautifully made. It is amazing to read the milestones of the development of a human being, of myself. Our Right to Life group gave these out at our local Kidz Fest where they had to play a game matching physical development with it's month. What a great resource.
By: Dorcas Jarrard
Inserted: 4/2/2014

Excellent brochure to use for sidewalk counseling! We are able to show mothers who are coming for abortions at what stage of development their child is, in hopes of deterring from abortion.
By: Maria
Inserted: 2/27/2014

These are a great tool for a first time Mom so they can see the development and it is made real to them. I also love to share it with clients who already have children at home. Sometimes the kids are with them on the RV, and they love seeing the pictures of what "their" baby looks like.
By: Patricia Troell
Inserted: 1/30/2014

This is a great tool for first-time Moms, but also useful for clients who already have children because they can take it home and share their new baby's development with their children.
By: Patricia Troell
Inserted: 1/30/2014

Our counselors use this brochure almost every day during counseling sessions! Simple facts about fetal development are so eye-opening and persuasive for choosing life. So many people have no idea about how quickly babies in the womb grow and develop. This brochure really impresses the humanity of the unborn child upon the reader in an impressive way.
By: Life Centers
Inserted: 1/9/2014

This is a beautiful pamphlet showing the details of each stage of the development of the unborn baby. As I sidewalk counsel in Savannah, I give this out to women entering the abortion mill. I also leave a supply of them in my church.
By: Linda
Inserted: 12/10/2013

Our church has given these out during our baby bottle fundraiser and our monthly Holy Hour for Life. The pictures and information are fascinating.
By: Jona
Inserted: 11/5/2013

These brochures are great. They show clearly the development of the child. We use them at the clinics in Phoenix, AZ.
By: Chelsea
Inserted: 9/29/2013

We gave these out at mass and at our pro-life potluck dinner. Milestones of Early Life is a good explanation showing how the fetus is a living, "breathing" human being.
By: Darleen Senete RN
Inserted: 9/27/2013

These brochures are very attractive and eye-catching. They contain a wealth of information about the development of the fetus done in a very simple straight-forward manner.
By: Nancy
Inserted: 9/17/2013

These are wonderful to hand out to expectant moms and the public in general. The brochure is full of important and factual information. The pictures show a "baby", so it is very educational for those who want to call a baby "tissue".
By: Chris
Inserted: 8/31/2013

Our pro-life speakers go into schools and youth ministry groups to speak to the teens about the pro-life message. Using this brochure has been very helpful and effective in teaching the teens about the fetal development of the body. They are amazed by the pictures and the truth about the human preborn baby.
By: Judy Welsh
Inserted: 7/8/2013

We have used this brochure in our Pregnancy Center for women considering abortion, but also for those intending to carry their babies. It is a great resource to help mothers follow the development of their baby throughout the pregnancy.
By: Mary
Inserted: 6/27/2013

Beautiful brochure suitable for anyone, including children. Contains 9 prenatal pics, including two of my favorites, Teardrop Baby and 8-Week Baby. Strictly educational on fetal development, nothing controversial here. Can buy lots at a time, info will never become outdated.
By: Cathy B
Inserted: 5/16/2013

Milestones of early development is a beautifully illustrated, scientifically based resource that educates people on the miraculous development of human life. I have given out dozens and dozens of these pamphlets to students of all ages and have included them in pro-life packets I prepare. I have given them to dozens of Ambassadors, elected officials and the media.
By: Molly White
Inserted: 5/13/2013

One of the very best brochures with great pictures and information. We use it not only with our abortion-minded clients, but also at trade shows and schools.
By: Jan
Inserted: 4/30/2013

I own a 4d ultrasound center and put a "Milestones of Early Life" brochure in the hands of every expectant mother that comes in for an ultrasound. The miracle of the pregnancy comes alive when she reads how her baby began!
By: Lisa
Inserted: 1/5/2013

I used this brochure during my pregnancy to look forward to each "milestone" and to help me understand in a simple way what was happening with my child's development. The pictures of the babies in the womb at different stages all helped. This pamphlet is heavily referenced and is excellent.
By: Sheila
Inserted: 1/3/2013

I have cut out these photos of fetal development and pasted them on poster board. I take these to abortion centers to educate women entering on fetal development.
By: Elizabeth
Inserted: 11/26/2012

We use this beautiful brochure to hand out at public events. It is perfect for little children. People who receive it don't have to worry that the message is "preachy" or graphic. We put them in our literature bags at the county fair. This year we are using them to hand out at the Annual Christmas Tree Galleria event - our tree's theme "Life-God's Wonderful Miracle".
By: Christina
Inserted: 10/31/2012

WE place this brochure inside a flyer for women and men entering the abortion clinic for abortions....love this pamphlet...in the hope that hearts will be changed.
By: susan c.
Inserted: 10/10/2012

In the past few years I have given these out at my church on Pro-Life Sunday and at our association's yearly meeting of pastors.I choose this pamphlet because the information is streight forward, easy to understand, and well documented. I also chose it because of the cover: God creates live and hold us in His loving hands - beautiful.
By: Barbara Kitchens
Inserted: 9/26/2012

Great way to educate people about the stages of Human Growth. The colors and pictures are vivid and full of Life itself. People welcome these when we distribute them on our Information Tables. They are amazed to learn how and how much we develop in just 9 months.
By: Oscar Corea
Inserted: 9/21/2012

These Milestones pamphlets are excellent because while ministering at the local abortion mill we can put into the women's hands a development chart to make their pregnancy become a baby.
By: Barbara Beute
Inserted: 9/14/2012

We use this pamphlet outside Planned Parenthood to give to clients. People are surprised to see the pictures of the preborn child. It is hard to call the baby a blob of tissue.
By: linda
Inserted: 9/2/2012

I bought several of these for my pro-life group, and they are a GREAT resource. The pictures are beautiful, and the information is accurate and up-to-date. There is nothing more powerful than the truth, so presenting these to students is a great way to support our side. I'm so glad I bought these brochures.
By: Charlotte
Inserted: 9/2/2012

We gave away about 50 last fair and I know we will again this next fair. It's eye catching with great information that is easy to follow and understand. You just can't beat showing people fetal development. That it is a baby in there even early on in the pregnancy.
By: susan
Inserted: 8/29/2012

This is a wonderful pamphlet. It has measurements, beautiful full color pictures, and a few sentences for each milestone of the development of the baby.
By: Elsa
Inserted: 8/27/2012

We use these to hand out to the mothers going into the abortion clinic in our area to educate the mom on the development of the unborn child growing inside her so she will hopefully change her mind and choose life for her baby.
By: Ann Marie
Inserted: 8/19/2012

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