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Group Promotional, Car Magnet, Resticker
Item Bumper Re-Sticker
Material Outdoor Magnet
Imprint Color None
Size 15W x 3.75H
Weight 4.2 Oz.
Description: Protect your car! Place your favorite bumper sticker on this magnetic strip and you can re-stick your sticker from one car to another or remove for washing. It will not scratch or leave an adhesive residue on your car. Size is 15x 3.75".


Customer Reviews

And I love this re-sticker! For personal use and giveaways to families and friends. I'm no longer afraid to put the prolife bumper stickers in my car. I can switch stickers with diferrent messages! Really awesome!
By: rome
Inserted: 12/14/2014

I love using these magnets to avoid the messy removal of bumper stickers and the residue left behind. I just pop my magnets off before going to a car wash. I love getting my pro life message out there without the bumper sticker mess.
By: Teresa Parker
Inserted: 6/11/2014

These are ideal for festivals. At our Prolife booth if you buy a magnetic Bumper-RE-sticker for $2 then you get to pick out a Prolife bumper sticker for free. People were glad they were available. I sold out.
By: Michlele
Inserted: 7/18/2013

This is amazing...and it sells itself...I have people asking me where I get all of my wonderful pro-life bumper sticker/magnets...I was happy to tell them! It works perfectly!
By: Sharon Sanderson
Inserted: 4/30/2013

I've been using these magnets for several years... My oldest one lasted 6 years before the edges started to curl a little. It had already been "home" to 3 different bumper stickers...
By: Tracey
Inserted: 4/29/2013

This is one of the greatest inventions ever. Not all bumpers are magnetic - but even then you can put it somewhere else on your car. You can cut it to fit different size stickers. Take your sticker with you when you trade in your car. Truly a good product.
By: Trish
Inserted: 4/26/2013

These work great, although I would suggest that they are removed for cleaning once a month, so they do not stick. I have owned and displayed the high quality Pro-Life bumper stickers on these bases for over 10 years now. They weather very well and are not effected by the rain or sunlight. I always use the magnetic bases for easy removal when washing the car. It is worth the extra cost for easy and fast removal.
By: James Miller
Inserted: 1/12/2013

I used to avoid bumper stickers until these came along. Now I can easily remove to clean, don't worry about scraping off old stickers and can change my pro-life message when I so desire!
By: Virginia
Inserted: 10/19/2012

These restickers are great. I have several so I can change them around with different bumber sticker messages. Have not had paint fade because I leave them on the car year round.
By: Janet
Inserted: 9/19/2012

These magnetic stickers are great for changing out your bumper stickers once they get a little faded & worn. I've used them for years & all they leave behind is a dust outline.
By: Silvana
Inserted: 8/28/2012

I Love these magnetic bumper stickers. I can move them around on my car, take them off for a wash, and I can change the stickers easily. You should move them around periodically. My husband didn't and it was hard to remove after a hot summer.
By: Juli
Inserted: 8/20/2012

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