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Group Promotional, Car Magnet, Ribbon
Item Life is Precious
Item Number 2555LP
Material Outdoor Magnet
Process Screen Printed
Imprint Color Pink, Blue
Imprinted With UV Resistant
Size 3.5W x 8H
Weight 1.07 Oz.
Description: Display your support for life using our high-quality magnets on your car or any metal surface. These magnets will last in all types of weather and are easily removed.


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Art Fee
3.5"x8" mag. ribbon, 1-color
3.5"x8" mag. ribbon, 1-color
3.5"x8" mag. ribbon, 1-color
3.5"x8" mag. ribbon, 1-color
3.5"x8" mag. ribbon, 1-color
3.5"x8" mag. ribbon, 1-color

Customer Reviews

For 5 or 6 years, I've had this witness on my car. It brings questions, silently says where I stand, and helps locate my car quickly, too. The colors do not fade or 'run!' That's a good model for us!
By: Mary Kay Woodward
Inserted: 8/31/2014

I have this on my car. I like to be able to promote that as a family we are in support of pro-life. Have had this on the car for quite awhile and have not lost it.
By: Ruth Applegate
Inserted: 7/20/2014

Usually a very popular item at our pro life booth at the county fair. Good quality product that fair goers love.
By: Patricia Sands
Inserted: 6/4/2014

We used these as a fundraiser. It was a wonderful way to raise some funds while putting a prolife message out there in a positive way.
By: Debbie
Inserted: 1/15/2014

Car Ribbon Magnet + Bracelet, what a great combination to remind myself and others about how precious life is! I gave this and a Precious Feet pin to the last woman standing in front of the abortion clinic before we left. She was so happy that she told me she will find a way to buy also from Heritage House!
By: Rommel G
Inserted: 9/28/2013

I have run these car magnets through the car washes many times and I have never lost any. This is one of the many selling points I have. People do love them and come back for more with different sayings on them or to give to other people. I've had mine for 5 years now with out losing it even after carwashes.
By: Betty
Inserted: 9/23/2013

These are wonderful pro-life magnets. Appropriate for the refrigerator or back of your car. They strongly adhere to the surface and don't fall off. This is a great way to advertise the fact that you are pro-life!
By: Nancy
Inserted: 9/17/2013

I have purchased the car ribbon magnets many times. They are excellent quality and are a great fundraiser for our pro-life group.
By: Norma Peters
Inserted: 9/17/2013

LOVE these ribbons! I keep extras to give away at events. Simple message that gets people's attention. LOVE THEM!
By: Ednamae
Inserted: 6/22/2013

I love mine! Perfect reminder of how valuable life is. Who can refute this?
By: diane
Inserted: 5/16/2013

An excellent sign to display your support for Pro Life. Only drawback, I have lost 2 of these to 'car-washes'. My fault for forgetting to remove them before a car-wash. Still an inconvenience !!
By: Glenn
Inserted: 8/26/2012

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