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Group EWYL, Promotional Items
Item PACK (50): Promotional Brochure
Item Number 9991EW-P
Format Tri-Fold
Material 80# Text
Process Process Printing
Imprinted With Gloss Coated
Length 1 Pgs.
Size 11W x 8.5H x 0.01T
Weight 12.9 Oz.
Pack Pricing Mix-n-Match only in pack sizes.
Pack Size 50
Description: This brochure is an excellent tool for promoting the Earn While You Learn Program. It gives a great description of what clients can learn and do for themselves and their babies. It will help promote community awareness about the program and can also serve as an informative brochure for prospective donors. SOLD IN PACKS OF 50 ONLY.


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8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color

Customer Reviews

I probably use this brochure the most. I really like the language used, “our staff”…”We would love to have you involved in our program.” It personalizes the program, and makes it sound like we created the brochure!
By: Denise Quinn
Inserted: 1/24/2019

Great brochure to give to your female clients so they can understand and see the lessons they will watching when participating in the EWYL program. Clients can take it with them and sometimes they even share it with friends. It also works with donors and volunteers who want to understand the program and support it.
By: Jhaneth
Inserted: 10/21/2014

I have found the Men's Fraternity Bible Study, "The Quest for Authentic Manhood," to be very helpful in understanding some of the shortcomings I had early in life and the reasons for them. I would encourage any man, regardless of his age, to take this study because it would help him with his sons' and also his grandsons' upbringing, to teach them to be the men God intended them to be. -- Jim, volunteer counselor.
By: Jim
Inserted: 6/10/2014

EWYL classes have been such a fun part of my training at a nearby PRC. It is one of the first programs we want to offer at our own PRC. This brochure is an excellent tool to explain to clients and also interested volunteers what the program is all about. Thank You!
By: Kay Tallman
Inserted: 1/10/2014

We use the promotional brochure at many events to inform our community of this valuable program. We also include this brochure in our packets we give to all of our clients that have a positive pregnancy test. It helps them see the value of the program to help prepare them for their journey into parenthood. Also, this brochure helps our supporters understand the educational aspect of our services to new and expectant mothers. It is very current and eye appealing.
By: Jaleen
Inserted: 1/2/2014

We distribute these attractive, informative and easy-to-read brochures at our center to present the EWYL program to clients. They are great to have on hand for presentations to groups wanting to know more about what our center offers.
By: Linda Smith
Inserted: 12/9/2013

We give a lot of these brochures out to our clients, especially when we are out in the community. The clients receive so much out of this parenting program of up to date DVD's and lessons and they often bring in the father of the child to come watch too!
By: Kathy Peterson
Inserted: 10/31/2013

We love these brochures. We give them out to everyone that wants to know about the program here at the center.
By: Dawn
Inserted: 6/24/2013

Great hand out. It is very useful and our girls love it.
By: Tammy Donker
Inserted: 5/6/2013

We use this brochure daily here at the PCC-Huntsville. It is easy to follow, has great info and the clients are usually very interested in our parenting classes.
By: Pat Rogers
Inserted: 4/17/2013

This brochure explains the program very well. We often gives these to students at health fairs, nurses and other local agencies.
By: Monica
Inserted: 3/19/2013

These brochures have been such an asset to our ministry. They are beautifully designed, informative, and promote the Earn While You Learn program we offer, with professionalism.
By: Catherine
Inserted: 12/14/2012

This brochure is a wonderful tool to promote our parenting classes. Very professional looking!
By: margaret
Inserted: 11/21/2012

Great handout to promote EWYL in our clinic and the community. It has good color and graphics, with all the info regarding the program. A must have for those who do EWYL!
By: Jocelyn
Inserted: 11/6/2012

Excellent brochure! The quality is wonderful, nice glossy paper. It really sells our program. I love the personal testimony. Helps our center stay up-to-date and current.
By: sabrina
Inserted: 10/30/2012

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