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Group Literature, Abortion/Pro-Life, Fetal Development
Item PACK (25): Your First Nine Months
Item Number 9993NM-P
Format Booklet
Material 80# Text
Process Process Printing
Imprinted With Gloss Coated
Length 17 Pgs.
Size 6.5W x 5.5H
Weight 42 Oz.
Pack Pricing Mix-n-Match only in pack sizes.
Pack Size 25
Description: This prenatal booklet from Focus on the Family contains a look at pregnancy with amazing images of prenatal life. It documents the milestones of life from conception to 40 weeks. An awesome prenatal resource. SOLD IN PACKS OF 25 ONLY.


Customer Reviews

These booklets are wonderful to use with our clients. It is a great tool to have to discuss their pregnancy!
By: Debbie Derby
Inserted: 12/31/2018

This brochure is a great followup to the DVD portion of the EWYL lesson on Your Developing Baby. It's a good tool to help your client be aware of how her baby is growing, step by step.
By: Barbara
Inserted: 8/11/2014

As the director of a crisis pregnancy center, we give this booklet to most all of our clients. It is so nice to point to a picture and say, "This is what YOUR BABY looks like right now."
By: Dolores Wisecarver
Inserted: 1/23/2014

I have used this brochure with clients at the facility where I have been doing my training and it is an excellent tool to help women understand the miracle that is taking place within them. Just yesterday I visited with a young women who had been told she could never have children. Her PT was positive. Shock and joy registered on her face. What a blessing to share this brochure with her and send her out the door with it. Thank You!
By: Kay Tallman
Inserted: 1/10/2014

What a fabulous booklet! We always keep these on hand to share. It is especially exciting to have pregnant mothers open this booklet and share photos with their children saying, "You used to look like this!" There is no better way to teach the next generation to be pro-life! This is a sharp, high-quality book.
By: Paula
Inserted: 7/25/2013

Our clients love to look and read through this brochure. It seems to instill in them some of the wonder and awe of the miracle of life.
By: Michele Lewis
Inserted: 5/23/2013

I really like this eye-appealing brochure. We hand it out daily to our pregnant patients on their first visit. They show our patients how much we strive to give out high quality information!
By: pati himmelberg
Inserted: 5/17/2013

Great pictures and detail. Very educational and I love that our girls can see how their baby is growing and what it's doing! Awesome product!
Inserted: 2/4/2013

We give these to every female positive test client. Truthfully we liked the other version better since it was presented in a more scientific manner and it was especially helpful to give to the male clients when they had a partner with a positive test. They are nice quality.
By: Sue
Inserted: 1/24/2013

I highly recommend these brochures!! A++++! We give them to every newly pregnant mother who visits us. Very informative and beautifully done.
By: Whitney
Inserted: 11/14/2012

This brochure is SO powerful with clients who are considering abortion. Many young women are not aware of exactly what happens during fetal development and that so much happens so early. This is an invaluable tool!
By: Veronica
Inserted: 9/13/2012

I feel this is the single most powerful brochure for our clients. Easy to understand and awesome images combine to make a powerful case for life. I highly recommend each pregnancy center client receive this!
By: Amanda Kilgore
Inserted: 9/5/2012

We use this all the time. Every client receives this enlighting item before they leave. It gives them all of the information that helps them realize what is going on at all stages of development. A real winner!!
By: julie
Inserted: 8/29/2012

I love the beautiful pictures depicted in this hand-held brochure. It's square size makes it stand out from other literature and it's bright colors as well. Highly recommend!
By: Angela
Inserted: 8/20/2012

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