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Group Jewelry, Pro-Life Awareness
Item PACK (50): Pro Life
Item Number 1968PA-P
Material Silicone
Material Color Blue
Process Debossed
Imprint Color White
Size 8W x 0.375H
Weight 8.62 Oz.
Pack Pricing Mix-n-Match only in pack sizes.
Pack Size 50
Description: The message of life can be promoted in the popular rubber-bracelet format using uplifting and positive messages. Perfect for any teenager and great for everyone else, these are priced so low you can afford to give them away! Bracelets are 8 inches circumference. SOLD IN PACKS OF 50 ONLY.


Customer Reviews

A bold but quiet witness. I keep these wrist bands by the hundreds, and people stop me in restaurants, public places, and churches. They ask where can I find these? I pass them out everywhere I go. Wear well & hold up well.
By: Matthew
Inserted: 3/1/2019

Great freebie for any display!!! I had these scattered about our pro-life table at my church and people enjoyed looking at our fetal models then getting to take a bracelet and/or button.
By: Davin
Inserted: 1/7/2019

We are very pleased with the quality, bright color and clear message of the pro-life bracelets. We have used them as a teaching tool during Respect Life Month in October. Then each child in class received one to keep. They were so excited.
By: Linda C.
Inserted: 12/29/2018

The youth loves these bracelets. They are a reminder of their stance on abortion.
By: Ina SilvaSobolewski
Inserted: 12/28/2018

I just could not let this off my wrist! The color is very catchy and the message is undeniable. I was able to buy and share a few during the 40 Days for Life 2013 Fall Campaign.
By: rommel
Inserted: 8/21/2014

Very popular! These are a nice quality band that always appeal to the upper teens and young adults. These blue pro-life ones have long been our most popular bracelet for men and women.
By: Paula
Inserted: 7/25/2014

Kids of all ages love these bracelets. They would have been more popular if they had a second color though.
By: Kathy Landon
Inserted: 11/4/2013

At our pro-life booth at the county fair, we try to have something for all age groups and these bracelets are a huge hit with teenagers. They are the perfect complement to the Just 4 Girls/Just 4 Guys publication!
By: Michelle
Inserted: 8/24/2013

My daughter received these from the pro-life group at church. She is only three, but loves wearing it and yelling:"I love babies!"
By: Elise A.
Inserted: 8/17/2013

We have used this bracelet at our local county fair booth for the last 4 years. They are a wonderful draw to our booth and conversation starter about what it means to be pro-life.
By: Ducia
Inserted: 5/23/2013

I have given out hundreds of these wrist bands at my pro-life booth, during speaking engagements and during rallies and walks for life. Students love these and commit to pray for the end of abortion everyday they wear them. This is a great tool to use to keep the pro-life message in everyday discussion.
By: Molly White
Inserted: 5/13/2013

I wear a Prolife and a Life is Precious bracelet every time I go out for the day. I also use these at our local Fall Festival where I have a prolife booth. The response among the teens is great.
By: John Caviness
Inserted: 3/30/2013

We have handed out many of these to teens and adults. they love them. Thanks for making all the prolife materials easy to purchase.
By: Dee
Inserted: 9/11/2012

I passed these out at my Students for Life table at a campus event a few days ago, and I only have a few left! I'm going to have to buy more of them, since they were so popular. They are very sturdy and very simple. The color is gender-neutral, so guys and girls alike were taking them. My only criticism is that the words a bit difficult to read, but besides that, it's a great product (and a great price, if you get them in bulk!). I recommend them.
By: Charlotte
Inserted: 9/2/2012

These bracelets are great to give out on Respect Life Sunday & to youth groups. Our ministry has also used them as admission bands into our dances instead of hand stamps. I've had mine for years & they hold up really well.
By: Silvana
Inserted: 8/28/2012

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