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Group EWYL, Individual Modules
Item Module 3
Item Number 7677EW-3
Format Binder
Size 10W x 13H x 1.5T
Weight 38 Oz.
Description: Module 3 Lessons:
The Third Trimester
The Final Stretch
Your Unborn Baby's Secret World
Big Belly Mom Hacks
Third Trimester Expectations

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Customer Reviews

i gained alot from this modules
By: eleanor
Inserted: 4/19/2017

Wonderful information on basic, yet crucial information moms need to know before bringing their new babies home. I love the take home info for the SIDS lesson.
By: Angela Kramer
Inserted: 7/23/2014

So much information here for our Mom's. The section on SIDS is one they all want to see.
By: Marion
Inserted: 3/4/2014

We love the lesson on SIDS. This has been a hot topic in our small community, as we have unfortunately had a few deaths related to SIDS. Many of our mothers are worried about it, and this lesson does a great job explaining it.
By: Veronica
Inserted: 7/29/2013

The 2nd trimester is an exciting time for our Moms. We love that this module puts our Moms at ease with great information. As well as some added lessons pertaining to different situations.
By: Sandy Nava
Inserted: 4/25/2013

Module 3 looks at adoption as an option and how important bonding is with your preborn baby.
By: Debbie Schaff
Inserted: 4/5/2013

The Sids lesson in this module is very specific regarding the safest sleeping environment for babies and explains it in a very positive manner. Especially good for first time moms.
By: Jennifer
Inserted: 3/7/2013

Great lesson on SIDS. We find it a subject most of our new mommies know nothing about. This opens their eyes to the importance of sleeping postures.
By: Life Choices Family Resource Center
Inserted: 1/30/2013

Appreciate this module because it acquaints our clients with the danger of SIDS, among other things. This is one issue they were totally ignorant about.
By: Kay
Inserted: 1/30/2013

This module is particularly important for clients during their second trimester. The pictures of the baby in the womb are great for women who have not had their own ultrsound yet. The SIDS segment has proved helpful as well. We actually had a client lose a baby to this tragedy so I feel more motivated than ever to be sure they view this segment.
By: Connie
Inserted: 1/3/2013

Modual 3 Lesson 4 "Reducing the Risk of Sids" comes with take home information that not only helps the immediate family but can also be used for any caretaker of the infant. Lesson 3 "Your Unborn Baby's Secret World" is a really neat lesson that gives you a peek into the baby's world inside your tummy.
By: Jaleen Robinson
Inserted: 10/1/2012

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