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Group EWYL, Individual Modules
Item Module 4
Item Number 7677EW-4
Format Binder
Size 10W x 13H x 1.5T
Weight 38 Oz.
Description: Module 4 Lessons:
Getting Ready/Nesting
Preparing for a C-Section
Eye Contact Means Love
Infant Temperament
The Importance of Bonding
For more details visit our website at www.EWYLonline.com


Customer Reviews

Perfect, recommended for all pregnancy centers! This great information shows how to bond with your tiniest baby. Our center uses this to teach moms what to expect at the birth of their baby.
By: Evelyn
Inserted: 8/19/2014

This module is a wonderful chance to get into some good discussion with clients on bonding with their children BEFORE they are born and after. Just wonderful!
By: Angela Kramer
Inserted: 7/23/2014

Many of our clients did not grow up understanding how important the bond is between Mom and baby. This is a great Module with that information.
By: Marion
Inserted: 3/4/2014

Love this module! Eye Contact is one of my favorite lessons. The Clients at our PRC love it too.
By: Lori Pritchard
Inserted: 8/27/2013

Module 4 is filled with information for the 3rd trimester, getting prepared for the baby and critical things about bonding with your baby. I absolutely LOVE the lesson on eye contact! I had NO idea how critical it was!
By: Veronica
Inserted: 7/29/2013

Love this module. I especially love the third trimester one. Great information on what to expect that last trimester.
By: Amanda
Inserted: 6/6/2013

I just love lesson 3 of this module. It is so important to bond with your baby through eye contact. I had a mom tell me, "My parents never taught me or bonded with me like this. I am so happy I learned this today."
By: Sandy Nava
Inserted: 4/25/2013

Module 4 prepares the mommy for the delivery and bonding with their new baby. Clients learn more than just how to get ready but also about eye contact and infant temperament.
By: Debbie Schaff
Inserted: 4/5/2013

The Third Trimester is great in helping our moms to know what to expect as they approach delivery and decisions to make ahead of time. Eye Contact Means Love is a wonderful lesson for parents to learn how to build a strong and loving bond with their child that will last a lifetime.
By: Jennifer
Inserted: 3/7/2013

We have used Lessons 4.3, 4.4, and 4.5 to teach parents that may not have received this kind of attention and affection. How important they are in satisfying the emotional needs of their children. There are lifelong benefits to bonding!
By: Sue
Inserted: 2/20/2013

Our mentors enjoy showing "Getting Ready for Baby" with these anxious moms. It gives the girls great insight in what to take and how to be prepared!
By: Life Choices Family Resource Center
Inserted: 1/30/2013

Another great module for our pregnant moms. Thanks for the work that goes into these classes.
By: Kay Mason
Inserted: 1/30/2013

Usually by the time our moms watch this module, they are getting close to delivery. This module is a great discussion starter. . . a particular favorite.
By: Connie
Inserted: 1/3/2013

Really helps moms and dads bond with their babies.
By: Debbie
Inserted: 1/2/2013

Modual 4 Lesson 2 is a must have for expectant moms to ease their mind about being ready for baby. This modual takes you all the way through the third trimester to bonding with your baby. Excellent Lessons!!!
By: Jaleen Robinson
Inserted: 10/1/2012

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