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Title: EWYL Purchase Worksheet

Type: Excel

Inserted: 1/1/2014

Description: This file has all of the items needed for EWYL and the prices. Use it to easily put together an order and immediately view the total.

Title: Medical v. Loving

Type: PDF

Inserted: 11/20/2013

Description: A look at why a PRC needs both a medical and post-decision program.

Title: A Client's View

Type: PDF

Inserted: 11/20/2013

Description: Training and assistance programs are not only important, they are vital. From the perspective of a client this article explains why.

Group EWYL, Sets and Packs
Item EWYL Main , 12 Modules
Item Number 7601EWYL-EC
Size 29W x 12H x 12T
Weight 1200 Oz.
Includes 12 Modules, Resources
Description: Pregnancy to Early Childhood. Twelve Modules covering all a parent needs to know from conception to 12 months after birth. Give your clients what they need to succeed as parents. This is a perfect starting point for centers wanting to offer their pregnant clients information about their pregnancy and beyond. For more details visit our website ewylonline.com.


Customer Reviews

The EWYL curriculum has great information for first-time parents! Clients feel more prepared to parent.
By: Sandi
Inserted: 1/9/2019

We've been open for less than a year and recently purchased the EWYL videos. The clients who have used them have had positive things to say about them.
By: Karla
Inserted: 1/2/2019

The EWYL main curriculum has been a wonderful tool here at our PRC. It's such a great opportunity to be able to offer support after their decision to parent comes about (whether through options counseling or out of their initial desire to parent). Thank you, for putting together such a great and comprehensive resource!
By: Angela Kramer
Inserted: 7/23/2014

This is one of the best resources we can provide for our clients!! Thank you so much of this education tool. We have English and Spanish classes 4 times a week.
By: Kathy
Inserted: 4/29/2014

We love using the EWYL Main Curriculum with our clients! We have been using it for over 3 years and saw almost immediate growth in clients. It is easy to use for our counselors and very informative for our clients. They also love being able to earn the baby and maternity items.
By: Angie
Inserted: 4/15/2014

We have used this curriculum for 2 years and we think it's a wonderful way to work our EWYL program. Our clients have learned so much from the lessons and homework! I would highly recommended this to any PRC.
By: Sparrow's Vine PRC
Inserted: 4/10/2014

This is good curriculum to get your clients prepared for their new baby and what to expect while they are pregnant. As I use it I have seen it help to calm new mothers who are anxious about what is happening to them. Love the new updates, would like to see some more updated material - like phases of delivery/live birth.
By: Tricia Blasdel
Inserted: 7/1/2013

EWYL is a great curriculum to help new parents prepare for their babies and to have a better understanding of what is to come. I especially love the information about brain development, attachment and bonding, and the new breastfeeding module.
By: Alice Thompson
Inserted: 2/28/2013

We use EWYL at our pregnancy resource center. The setup is wonderful and lends itself to great discussion with clients. However, some of the movies are a bit outdated or not very relevant (especially for our very young clients).
By: Jennifer Harry
Inserted: 1/29/2013

The EWYL curriculum is terrific! Clients just love it. It gets them excited about their pregnancy and helps to prepare them for what is ahead.
Inserted: 1/23/2013

We LOVE this curriculum! The only negative feedback we have gotten from clients is that the videos are a bit outdated, but even with that, clients love this! It's so great to be able to use this program to teach our expecting moms, and us not have to worry about coming up with all this information ourselves! Thank you Heritage House!
By: Jenny Gann
Inserted: 11/6/2012

I teach EWYL at our center, and it is fantastic! It lends itself to great discussion, and the feedback from our clients is great. Love it!!
By: Amanda Kilgore
Inserted: 9/5/2012

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