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Group Promotional, Car Magnet, Resticker
Item Bumper Re-Sticker
Item Number 3200BR
Material Outdoor Magnet
Process Screen Printed
Imprinted With UV Resistant
Size 10W x 3.25H
Weight 2.301 Oz.
Description: Protect your car! Place your favorite bumper sticker on this magnetic strip and you can re-stick your sticker from one car to another or remove for washing. It will not scratch or leave an adhesive residue on your car. Use your bumperstickers again and again with our resticker! 10"W x 3.25"H


Customer Reviews

The Bump-RE-sticker is a great idea! Without it, I wouldn't be as willing to put bumper stickers on my car. It seems to be of great quality and it is so quick and easy to take off and put back on when I wash the car. Thank you so much, Heritage House '76, for selling such wonderful products!
By: Elizabeth
Inserted: 1/4/2019

The Bumper Re Stickers are ingenious! I had never seen these until I got involved with a local Pro Life group. They give me the option to use a variety of bumper stickers.
By: Cathe
Inserted: 12/31/2018

These magnets work very well and allow me to change out my pro-life message as I want.
By: MBforLife
Inserted: 12/31/2018

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these bump re-stickers! We can put them on our car without damaging the paint! Great item to use...we have used them for several years. Easy to remove and clean under, and we can change bumper stickers often.
By: Kelly
Inserted: 12/31/2018

I was so excited to find these bump re-stickers ... They really inspired me to buy pro life bumper stickers so now I can change my message every week when I go to the car wash ...
By: Nancy Anne Faller
Inserted: 12/29/2018

Great product! A great way to protect your car and the unborn! No more chipped off car paints while sending the Gospel of Life messages 24/7!
By: rome
Inserted: 12/14/2014

These have helped increase our bumper sticker sales because some people do not want anything permanent on there car but do want to share the pro life message.
By: Kanda Mowbray
Inserted: 7/24/2014

Re-stickers are great! We sell them as a package deal at our parish pro-life booths and people love them. I use two of them myself on my own car. It is great being able to put bumper stickers on my car, while knowing that they are removable and not permanently stuck onto my car's bumper.
By: Maria
Inserted: 12/10/2013

I love this. I bought one for each bumper sticker I have. With this, the bumper sticker doesn't take off paint on your car.
By: diane
Inserted: 5/16/2013

I like these magnets. I can change messages on my car all the time. I have both sizes. However, you have to remember to take them off when you go through the car wash. On the other hand, the owners of the car wash were interested in where I purchased the bumper stickers. Advertisement!!
By: Janet Hahn
Inserted: 2/14/2013

The smaller size of these bump-re-stickers is very convenient since many car bumpers now have a smaller area that is magnetic. These even work well above the license plate so I have the option of displaying our three messages!
By: Virginia
Inserted: 10/19/2012

These are great for changing stickers on car. Different messages gets the word out!
By: Janet
Inserted: 10/8/2012

I like bumper stickers in general. I think they take a message to people who I wouldn't otherewise have opportunity to reach. The re-sticker is convenient and easy on the car. It also makes it easier to change the message, which is important during election years.
By: Regina Wyrzykowski
Inserted: 10/8/2012

The bump-re-stickers are great! We ordered two to try them out and then ordered four more so we could change them out often. Very heavy duty. We would definitely recommend them!
By: Kelly
Inserted: 9/24/2012

These are great! I always order these with the bumper stickers(I have been ordering from Heritage House for years). These magnets keep the car's paint job nice and clean! Ingenious!
By: Christine
Inserted: 9/13/2012

I hate putting bumper stickers on my car, since they fade and look really dirty over time. The bump-re-sticker has allowed me to finally put pro-life stickers on my car. Love it!
By: Jackie
Inserted: 8/21/2012

I loved this magnet. I bought a bumper sticker I wanted to put on my car and this is a great way to put it on your car and an easy way to take it off and switch from car to car. Now you won't lose your bumper sticker if you ever get rid of your car
By: maria
Inserted: 8/20/2012

This is a great product. I have several because I change out messages all the time. Do remember to remove when you wash your car. I thought people would take these since they were magnetic but I have never had a problem.
By: Susan
Inserted: 8/19/2012

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