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Group Pregnancy Tests
Item PACK (30): Precious One Prenatal Vitamins
Item Number ZL6110-P
Material Foil
Process Process Printing
Imprinted With Gloss Coated
Size 3W x 3H
Weight 20.52 Oz.
Includes 30 foil packs. Each foil pack includes 14 prenatal vitamins
Pack Pricing Mix-n-Match only in pack sizes.
Pack Size 30
Description: Prenatal Vitamins from People You Trust! Prenatal vitamins are the perfect hand-out for positive pregnancy tests to start the pregnancy off right. It's also another way to help form a connection between an abortion minded client and her baby. Now you can offer a service to all your clients that helps them practice positive pregnancy habits from the day they find out they are pregnant. Prenatal vitamins are a great way to encourage continued contact with your client during the pregnancy. The concentration of vitamins and minerals in each Heritage House "Precious One" Prenatal Vitamin complies with recommendations from the FDA, pediatricians, and independent sources to give your client what she and her baby need most. We have an auto ship program for Pregnancy Care Clinics. You can combine with your Pregnancy Test order for greater discounts. Please call for details 1-800-858-3040. Now Contains DHA. SOLD IN PACKS OF 30 ONLY.


Customer Reviews

I love them ??
By: Shika
Inserted: 10/30/2021

Smells like fish oil but easy to swallow and it doesn’t make me sick.
By: Easter Howell
Inserted: 9/7/2019

The writing on the outside of the package is rather small. However, I downloaded the ingredients from the website to share with my clients. I will continue to order these prenatal vitamins.
By: Donna Proctor
Inserted: 1/2/2019

I include these along with literature, a fetal model, morning sickness candies, chapstick, kleenex, a notepad, pen, chocolate and a note in the abortion-minded gift bags I use when sidewalk counseling. I doubt that these would be the deciding factor in choosing life, but they may very well help cement the decision, after she leaves, if she is still facing pressure from those around her to abort. She feels that she is already taking care of her baby.
By: Katie O'Brien
Inserted: 12/29/2018

I love these vitamins.They don't upset my stomach but they make me feel soooo good.
By: Shawna
Inserted: 12/3/2016

Hands down these are my favorite vitamins. I've tried gummies, the pink ones those do NOT compare to this brand. They do not upset my stomach or make me nauseous after taking them. It doesn't matter if I take them before bed or early in the morning. They fit my lifestyle just perfectly.
By: E
Inserted: 7/31/2016

We have used these vitamins for years! They are great to have for clients. We are very pleased in providing these vitamins.
By: Stephanie
Inserted: 5/20/2016

We give every pregnant woman these vitamins in our welcome packet. They oftentimes ask for a "refill" because they like them so much! Our Center loves giving our business to HH -- unashamedly prolife!
By: Suzanne
Inserted: 5/20/2016

These are great! The size is closer to the size of acetaminophen and not like huge horse pills. They are easy on the stomach (personal use and client feedback). Wonderful way to promote bonding with baby now.
By: Kim
Inserted: 5/20/2016

I got these from my pregnancy resource clinic in town when I went for an ultrasound after having 6 positive tests. I've had 4 miscarriages and these are the ONLY prenatals I haven't gotten sick from. My baby is doing great too! I can't wait for my next ultrasound!!
By: Ashley Nagle
Inserted: 4/14/2016

LUUUUVVV these, it is extremely hard for me to keep anything on my stomach. But these work!
By: Jen
Inserted: 11/25/2014

Several patients have shared that these were easier to take down and keep down then other prenatal vitamins. I appreciate having these to give to women who have just found out they are pregnant and want to start taking care of themselves and their baby.
By: Molly
Inserted: 9/15/2014

I so appreciate having these to offer to our clients to get them started on a healthy pregnancy. When they're usually feeling so tired from the pregnancy itself, being able to offer vitamins to help them feel better and to promote the health of their baby is a tremendous tool.
By: Caryn
Inserted: 5/12/2014

These vitamins are wonderful and even more importantly shows our clients that we truly care for them and their health as well as the health of the baby! I had a client cry when I gave her a pack of these vitamins when she had not decided what she was going to do. I explained that we cared about her needs and that these would be good for her! She gave me a hug and a few days later I received a call that she had decided to have her baby.
By: Sharon Finecey
Inserted: 3/5/2014

These are amazing!!! I first got them from my physician to try out for the first weeks and had no problems. I then went looking for them in a pharmacy and couldn't find them. I thought the "one-a-day" was the brand so I wanted something like them since I couldn't find the exact ones, THEY WERE AWFUL and had me so sick today! This is my first pregnancy and I'm telling the GLOBE about how much I love your product!!! OMG!!!!
By: Tiffani
Inserted: 1/15/2014

As the sole nurse at our clinic, I have the opportunity to try out a variety of products and to decide whether they are appropriate for us and our clients. I have found these easy to distribute since they are in small individual packets. It is a great first step for any mother once she has a positive pregnancy test! Using these also provides an opportunity for beginning prenatal education.
By: Mary
Inserted: 5/28/2013

We give these to our clients and they love them. Many will call and ask where we got them from so that they can get more of the same kind.
By: Pat Todak
Inserted: 4/4/2013

We receive quarterly shipments of the prenatal vitamins. I like it that they are packaged 14 to a pack, enticing our clients to return for more. Our clients, often unable to swallow pills, don't seem to mind the size of these vitamins, compared to other prenatal vitamins.
By: Vicky rn
Inserted: 3/18/2013

Our clients have had great experience with these vitamins. They don't upset their stomachs and we even had one of our pregnant volunteers take them and she really liked them even more than the prescription ones.
By: Lourdes Aceituno
Inserted: 3/12/2013

We give these out to all clients who have a sonogram. They are a wonderful way to promote a healthy pregnancy to our clients and to show how much we care about them. Also, we set up an every other month delivery program with Heritage House, which is such a time saver for us!
By: Erin
Inserted: 3/4/2013

I have actually taken these myself and they were very gentle on my stomach and much smaller than other prenatal vitamins I've tried to get down. I love offering these to women who are undecided about their plans for pregnancy. When they start taking prenatal vitamins, they begin doing something good for their baby and it seems to create a bond without them even trying!
By: kim Chapple
Inserted: 1/30/2013

Our clinic chooses to use the One A Day Prenatal Vitamins because the packaging makes them easy for distribution and we have had no complaints from our clients about nausea and/or upset stomach when taking them.
By: Christina
Inserted: 9/10/2012

Being able to offer to our new pregnant clients their first pack of prenatal vitamins is a beautiful "add on". Makes her realize how important it is to start taking care of herself!
By: Ana Stooks
Inserted: 8/21/2012

I tried to prenatal vitamins everyday. It was so good
By: Michelle Kang
Inserted: 8/19/2012

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