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Group Promotional, Candy, Lollipop
Item PACK (50): Precious Feet
Item Number 2419PF-P
Material Color Assorted
Process Pad Printing
Imprint Color White
Size 1W x 3.5H x 0.2T
Weight 14.72 Oz.
Pack Pricing Mix-n-Match only in pack sizes.
Pack Size 50
Description: Use these colorful Precious Feet pops as the perfect hand out at your next Pro-Life fair, gathering, conference or event. SOLD IN PACKS OF 50 ONLY.


Customer Reviews

We have passed out Precious Feet lollipops at several of our area events such as community block party, county fair booth, Halloween at the mall, and trunk or treat. Both children and adults love them and they spread a powerful pro-life message!
By: Erica Ward
Inserted: 12/31/2018

We give these to the altar servers and they have always enjoyed them.
By: Margaret Hinski
Inserted: 12/29/2018

The Precious Feet Lollipops are a colorful display at the State Fair and great tasting. Even the adults want to have one or two when they stop by the Birthright Booth. Thank you for having such wonderful and great quality products.
By: Birthright of Hutchinson
Inserted: 12/29/2018

These adorable lollipops were used at our parish festival. The kids were drawn to the little feet and took them to hand out to all the adults. The little feet get attention. The flavor is pretty good too.
By: Kathleen
Inserted: 10/26/2015

We use these lollipops in our Knights of Columbus Pro-Life Lifesaver Lollipop fundraiser at my church. They are great for this purpose--well received by children and parents alike.
By: Pete Wolfe
Inserted: 7/30/2014

These lollipops are a hit with the children for Prolife Sunday or Respect Life Sunday as we have our Precious Hands and Feet out in baskets, the parents will come forward to take a look also, and donate for both. It serves as a good fundraiser and has a message for the little ones.
By: Betty
Inserted: 9/23/2013

These lollipops are perfect for handing out at our pro-life booth at the county fair. I went through 200 last year and more than doubled my order this year! I did the vote pro-life pops in the election year and this year I am ordering the Precious Feet! Great product at a great price!
By: Maureen Filiault
Inserted: 8/9/2013

These suckers are excellent for handing out at our County Fair. Our Lutherans For Life Chapter has these in our booth. The sucker has the little feet on it, and the stick provides the information that they are the size of a baby's feet at 10 weeks. A good visual reminder for kids and adults!
By: Deanna Sandcork
Inserted: 6/1/2013

I think these lollipops are a great thing to use in our church. I have an event coming up for Right To Life and I plan to use them. Thanks for a great product!
By: Pamela Joles
Inserted: 3/4/2013

We use the lollipops as handouts during the summer parade season. When we approach the kids with a lollipop, the adults around them are more willing to look at the literature we are handing out. The kids get excited when they see the little feet and ask their parents about them. The whole family gets educated!
By: Linda Reising
Inserted: 2/11/2013

We use the lollipops at our parish picnic at a "sucker pull" booth sponsored by our pro-life ministry. The candy is a big hit, but the message helps educate both young and old even after they have left the game table.
By: Shelley
Inserted: 9/16/2012

These are a great way to get kids (and then their parents!) to your table! The kids loved them. The only problem we have is that we live in a humid climate and after a while they got a bit gooey. I just won't order to many at a time again!
By: Mary
Inserted: 9/12/2012

A favorite at our county fair booth. Nice way to bring parents over with their children. We always asked parents if it was okay to offer before letting younger ones see and pick their favorite. Teens like them too.
By: Colleen R.
Inserted: 9/11/2012

People really loved these suckers. They are sturdy, cute, and colorful.
By: Julie D.
Inserted: 9/7/2012

These suckers were a great hit at the our Walk. The children loved them of course. The parents liked the feet imprinted on them.
By: Linda
Inserted: 9/2/2012

I passed these out at our pro-life group table a few days ago, and they were wildly popular. They have a great message, but they also taste fantastic. They are a bit expensive if you don't buy a lot of them, but if you buy them in bulk they're perfect for all events. I certainly recommend these lollipops!
By: Charlotte
Inserted: 9/2/2012

We use these at our sign up table of the 40 Days for Life campaign and it slows people up (because children see them) long enough to speak with them and often sign them up to pray an hour on our church's adopted day to pray outside of Planned Parenthood. The little feet are a great starting point to talk to children and teens about the sanctity of life. I just ordered more for this year's campaign.
By: Corinn Dahm
Inserted: 9/2/2012

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