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Title: 5-Minute Precious Feet Speech

Type: PDF

Inserted: 8/27/2012

Description: This is a short 5-minute speech that has been used many times to help raise funds for groups and organizations. Even more effective when used with the Precious Feet Fundraising Basket that is passed around right after the talk.

Title: History of the Precious Feet

Type: PDF

Inserted: 8/27/2012

Description: This brochure gives the history of the Precious Feet including their inspiration and acceptance by the pro-life community as the International Pro-Life Symbol.

Group Jewelry, Precious Feet
Item Color-Filled Precious Feet
Item Number HH49
Size 15W x 9.75H x 6.25T
Weight 23 Oz.
Includes Fundraising basket featuring 20 of all 5 different
Pack Size 100
Description: Are you looking for a way to both raise money for your group and raise awareness about abortion? This basket is the perfect solution. Featuring all 5 different colors of the Precious Feet (So everyone can find the one they want!) this basket will be a hit in your church, parish, or event. Each lapel pin is attached to a bookmark with the documented facts of a baby's development from conception to birth. Precious Feet are a proven fundraiser and the included sign does not mention a price - watch as people donate $2, $5, and even $20 for a single pair of Precious Feet. Includes dividers, sign, basket, and 100 Precious Feet. Does not include money although we are confident you will find others to add their own.


Customer Reviews

Our Right to Life chapter has been distributing the silver and gold pins for many years. Last year I purchased these for our annual Life Rally, to be given to "survivors" (anyone born after the Roe v Wade decision). The younger attendees were thrilled with the color option, and immediately put them on. They are our future pro-lifers! I highly recommend this product.
By: Nina
Inserted: 7/1/2014

These Precious Feet were given to our parishioners last year during our "Spiritual Adoption" campaign. They make a great display and were wonderfully received. I just ordered another basket for our second annual Spiritual Adoption.
By: Anita Thompson
Inserted: 3/3/2014

I have given the Precious Feet to ones I know. I find it is a small thing with a big message.
By: Patricia uzar
Inserted: 3/3/2014

I am extremely excited to use this display to offer beautiful pins "with a purpose" to students at my college. They are unique and eye-catching.
By: Megan
Inserted: 1/31/2014

These colorful "Precious Feet" are a big hit with teenagers at my youth group presentations.
By: John Caviness
Inserted: 12/31/2013

We are using these for handout to parents who are having their children Baptized in our church as a reminder that these children are truly a GIFT from GOD. Hopefully every time they look at these magnets they will be reminded of that special gift from GOD.
By: Betty
Inserted: 9/23/2013

These pins continue to be a big hit at our State Fair booth. Wearing them has even started conversations with others--hard to argue the truth of a little person with feet like these at 10 weeks!
By: Sarah Zook
Inserted: 7/3/2013

This basket full of 'Precious Feet' pins is a great idea for any social gathering or meeting. They are informative and colorful. Usually people will pick out their favorite color from those available and pick up one for a friend. We used this basket for our Ministry Fair at our church and during our baby bottle campaign. A notable display!
By: Rich & Jacqui Breed
Inserted: 5/6/2013

These colorful Precious Feet are wonderful! The basket/packaging is great for display and storage! It is so nice to have all the different colors for people to choose from. We bought this for our pro-life church events. It's nice to have the donation sign already made up too. Another great thing is that this is a product that never gets outdated. So if you don't give them away quickly, they'll always be good for later.
By: Cathy
Inserted: 3/23/2013

The pink and blue Precious Feet are the most popular. Moms and Grandmas like to represent their own children. People are always amazed to see that a 10 week old baby's feet are so perfect!
By: Jane Beville
Inserted: 10/21/2012

I've ordered 2 baskets of Precious Feet for our Pro-Life ministry and they are very popular (especially all the colors!) Not only is it great to see people wearing the pins and professing life, the presentation basket is very attractive and a wonderful addition to our Pro-Life table.
By: Dana McAuliffe
Inserted: 10/16/2012

These pins are always the first to go at our ministry's table on Respect Life Sunday! They are a great testimony for the Pro-Life movement.
By: silvana credidio
Inserted: 8/28/2012

After decades in the movement I have heard enough stories about these little feet saving children to make me a believer! Keep up the good work! ~Lori
By: Lori
Inserted: 8/28/2012

Every year my wife participates in a Spiritital Adoption Campaign for unborn children at my local parish, Church of the Holy Child on Staten Island, NY. I've purchased this product several times for her use in that Campaign. It's proven to be highly effective in both raising funds and getting people to sign up for a spriritual adoption.
By: Anthony Borowiec
Inserted: 8/28/2012

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