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Group Fetal Models, 11-14 Week Models
Item PACK (100): The Young One, Ethnic
Item Number 754YO-B-P
Material Hard Plastic
Material Color Brown
Process Machine Mold
Size 0.75W x 2.25H x 1.12T
Weight 27.82 Oz.
Includes English Development Card
Pack Pricing Mix-n-Match only in pack sizes.
Pack Size 100
Description: The “Young One”
  • The “Young One” tells the story of God’s glorious creation quickly and effectively.
  • Each “Young One” includes an informational card which is available in either English or Spanish.
  • Available in brown and white.
  • Representative of a baby from 11-12 weeks post-conception.
  • Used throughout the world by many pro-lifers in their effort to promote the culture of life.
  • An inexpensive and effective model, allowing for wide distribution at a low cost.
  • Mix and match colors and languages in quantities of 100+.


This product is no longer available

Customer Reviews

These were the first models we used to pass out since 2003, & we wrapped them in blankets after someone said they looked cold. The children always love them, especially that they are in two shades. Adults amazed. They are more durable than the rubber ones. The rubber ones are awesome, lifelike, & they love those too; but we found that some children would pull the rubber ones apart or even accidently when they washed them. We found lots of pieces later on all over the ground. If you need or want to avoid this situation, stick with the plastic ones!!
By: Brenda Ann
Inserted: 2/10/2021

Teens are amazed at the size of the baby at this stage of development. When I speak to teens, I pick a really tall boy from the group and ask him to hold the baby. I tell him that he was this size and all that happened in the meantime is that he got taller. It makes a real impact on the kids.
By: Judy
Inserted: 7/4/2014

I like to use these babies with different skin tones for the different ethnic groups we come in contact with. They appeal to everyone!
By: Melanie
Inserted: 4/15/2014

I am re-ordering these fetal models for the third time! Our parish is preparing for a Spiritual Adoption weekend in October. These models as well as the Precious Feet pins are very effective tools to hand out in the education process for the pro-life movement. Children particularly are fascinated with the small babies to hold in their hands.
By: Diane D.
Inserted: 9/17/2013

I love that these little ones are available in brown to allow us to closely match the ethnicity of our Hispanic population. Your company thought of everything. Thanks!
By: Vicky rn
Inserted: 3/18/2013

Our pro life group uses these for the Spiritual Adoption program. We wrap each of them in flannel & tie with a ribbon so they look like they are in a blanket & hand them out at church on the closest weekend to March 25 - The Feast of the Annunciation - 9 months before CHRISTmas.
By: Minette
Inserted: 1/21/2013

Used these in the past. They are effective, but not as realistic as the rubber models. If you do not want to go up in price for the rubber models, these are still a wonderful tool in sidewalk counseling. Having the brown tone is great for ethnic abortion bound mothers.
By: Diane
Inserted: 10/18/2012

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