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Title: E101CG Front Template

Type: Word Document

Inserted: 8/18/2012

Description: Fill out this template, save it, and email it to us for custom bottle cards (free for orders over 500).

Title: Card Back Template (ALL)

Type: Word Document

Inserted: 8/18/2012

Description: This is the template for the back of the custom cards (same template for all products).

Title: How to Attach Ribbons

Type: PDF

Inserted: 8/18/2012

Description: This file has pictures of how to attach the ribbons (and cards) to the bottle easily and quickly.

Group Baby Bottles
Item PACK (120): Bottle, Children are a Gift
Item Number E101CG-P
Material Polypropylene
Material Color Clear
Process Screen Printed
Imprint Color 3-color
Length 8 oz.
Size 2W x 7H
Weight 224 Oz.
Includes Bow and Card
Pack Pricing Mix-n-Match only in pack sizes.
Pack Size 120
Description: ORDER IN 120 CASE QUANTITIES - Bottles shipping outside the 48 contiguous states require additional shipping charges (normally about 40%-50% of the bottle costs). If you are in HI, AK, or PR or outside the contiguous states, please call to place your order over the phone. Orders placed on the internet will be cancelled.
These baby bottles are designed to serve as fundraisers for any pro-life group, club, church, or organization.

The Baby Bottle Fundraiser is perfect for all pro-life groups who want to raise a significant amount in donations with a minimal amount of work and start-up capital.

All bottles come with free cards and gold pre-tied ribbons that easily attach to the bottle. Get the cards custom printed with your group's information for FREE when you purchase 480 or more bottles (cards must be of a single custom design).

Bottles are eight ounces and six inches tall and BPA FREE!



Customize this Product

This product can be customized with your own text, your logo, and even your own pictures. Start with our design or have us design something new. To order, just give us a call at 1-800-858-3040 or view more details at PRCprintshop.org

Art Fee
8oz 4-Color Bottle (8-10 wks)
8oz 4-Color Bottle (8-10 wks)
8oz 4-Color Bottle (8-10 wks)
8oz 4-Color Bottle (8-10 wks)
8oz 4-Color Bottle (8-10 wks)

Customer Reviews

I have purchased Baby bottles for our campaign in the past and this year. They are beautiful and it gets the message out perfectly.
By: Evelyn
Inserted: 8/19/2014

We love the look and quality of these bottles! They are a little pricey on one hand, but on the other, the amount of change that we get returned to us pays for the bottles that we lose every time. Great product for your money.
By: Jennifer
Inserted: 7/17/2014

The baby bottles are a great way to raise money and awareness in your community. We have used these with youth groups in our area and they love filling them up and then bringing them back full to give to "babies". It's a precious way to involve young ones who don't really understand abortion but want to help mommies take care of their babies. They are beautiful and eye catching.
By: Betty
Inserted: 5/27/2014

We just received our Baby Bottles and love them! They are such an easy way to fundraise. Love the design and little cards that came with them.
By: Marion
Inserted: 3/4/2014

Not only are these baby bottles very very cute, they are also great quality that have lasted through many baby bottle drives. Every Pregnancy Center should definitely invest in these bottles for the baby bottle drive!
By: Krys
Inserted: 2/25/2014

We love these baby bottles! We have had them for many years, but recently need to order more as they do disappear over time. Great fundraiser for us.
By: Marion
Inserted: 1/30/2014

We like these, as the message is positive and graphics are eye-catching!
By: Jann
Inserted: 1/14/2014

Great to use in a campaign raising money to end abortions.
By: Delia Rodriguez
Inserted: 12/24/2013

I love the look and quality of these bottles. We really like the message they have on them, too. The only downside is that they are a little pricey for us.
By: Jennifer
Inserted: 8/14/2013

Love these bottles! They provided a great fundraiser. The logo is great and liked by families and churches.
By: Jeannie Smith
Inserted: 8/1/2013

Our church distributes empty bottles each Mothers' Day and asks people to keep the bottle displayed as a reminder to pray for the unborn. The pro-life messages are great. Everyone returns their bottle with a donation, on Fathers' Day.
By: Jeannine
Inserted: 6/20/2013

I use the baby bottles in our church's annual fundraiser for our local PCP from Mother's Day thru Father's Day. They have sparked much interest and allow less vocal prolifers to be more supportive.
By: John Caviness
Inserted: 6/17/2013

A great way to get others involved in the work of life affirming ministry of all ages. This has been an effective tool in raising support and when the bottles are filled we offer tours of our center which opens the doors to further engagement.
By: linda@choicescenter.org
Inserted: 4/18/2013

These bottles have a great message! They are attractive and professional. They are used in a great way for fundraising for pregnancy care/crisis centers. We send them out through your children's ministry as well as church wide. We can use them year round but love to send them home for Mother's Day and pickup at Father's Day honoring the full family circle!
By: Jeannie Smith
Inserted: 4/8/2013

These bottles are great fund raisers. We deliver them to a church through a liason, usually at the same time we do a presentaion. We pick them up in 3 weeks full of coins and cash. We usually collect an average of $15 per bottle taken home by each person.
By: Collene Myers
Inserted: 4/1/2013

The baby bottles have been a financial life saver for our crisis pregnancy center. We have a newer center. The bottles being accepted at Churches for fundraising purposes has been a great way for us to get the pro life message out while raising much needed funds.
By: Sharon Stice
Inserted: 3/20/2013

Perfect for baby bottle fundraisers. Great material and very stylish compared to some of the cheaper bottles we've used. Only complaint is that they can be a bit pricey unless you buy in bulk, which we aren't always able to do, so we can't seem to get enough of these. But as far as quality and visual appearance, they are top notch!
By: Whitney
Inserted: 11/14/2012

We love these bottles! They have held up and served our center well for a long time.
By: Jenny Gann
Inserted: 11/6/2012

We have used these bottles for two years, they are awesome. Great fundraiser
By: Stephanie
Inserted: 9/30/2012

Huge success with the babybottles in our fundraiser. We will be doing this again in October! We give all the proceeds to our Project Gabriel for supplies for the Moms and babies.
By: Deanna
Inserted: 9/27/2012

We have used these time and time again to raise money for our group. We send them home with the children in our church and have them bring them back the next week filled with change! It is a perfect fundraiser!
By: Kayla Kessinger
Inserted: 9/21/2012

The baby bottles were very eye catching and effective being well received bring in more money than plain bottles. The tags were very easy to attach and drew attention to what was printed on them.
By: Oaks Family Care Center
Inserted: 8/28/2012

We have a couple of different designs of these bottles that we use for our Baby Bottle Boomerang Fundraiser we have done in the spring at local Churches. We have put very little work into this and have generated thousands of dollars for our center every year! We feel it has been worth the investment for our Pregnancy Center.
By: Mary
Inserted: 8/22/2012

Ordering baby bottles from Heritage is the best. We needed an emergency shipment since we ran out at a church campaign, and we had replacement bottles by the next weekend.
By: Ana Stooks
Inserted: 8/21/2012

Heritage House is the best place to order baby bottles from. We needed to have a shipment ordered immediately and they were great at getting the shipment to us.
By: Ana Stooks
Inserted: 8/21/2012

The ultimate way to raise funds! Distribute these bottles to your supporters with a request that every night they empty their change into the bottle, when it is full, turn it back in. It's as easy as that! Give your campaign a month, but at the end you will discover that it was an easy say to raise a significant amount of money with little manpower and time on your part.
By: Rhonda
Inserted: 8/20/2012

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